Warrnambool cattle carry on strong price trend

Warrnambool cattle carry on strong price trend

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A large crowd of buyers attended the monthly Warrnambool store sale and bid strongly in a dearer market.


A wide range of buyers seeking numbers to suit order pushed prices higher at the monthly Warrnambool.

Feedlotters clashed with grass finishers and backgrounders in a yarding of nearly 2300 cattle, well up on early entries of under 2000.

Association president Anthony Mahony said the sale was strong throughout.

He said it had been a cracking season and the grass was still growing.

The season is going along really well and that brought in the local competition.

"It's a very, very buoyant market," he said.

Anthony Mahony gives a summary of the Warrnambool store sale

Prices continued recent trends with steers lifting by 35c/kg on the previous months sale and many lines of steers sold from 400c/kg to a top of 446c/kg.

There were 417 steers weighing up to 400kg that sold to 446c/kg to average 392c/kg. On a per had basis the numbers were a top of $1664 to average $1318.

A penning of 92 steers in the 400-500kg made to 436c/kg to average 374c/kg or to $2109, average $1641 a had.

There were 501 heifers yarded. All in, they sold to 398c/kg to average 378c/kg. On a per head basis they sold to a top of $1799 to average $1291.

Open auction steers selling from $1100 to $1410 while lighter steers sold from $850 to $1100. The open auction steers averaged $994 a head.

Those with weights shown came in at a range between 440c/kg up to 566c/kg.

Cross-bred steers sold from 330c/kg to392c/kg while Friesian steers were making 275c/kg to 366c/kg.

The good run of heifer sold in a narrow band with most buyers having 378c/kg to 398c/kg.

Smaller Heifers 360c/kg to 375c/kg while F1 heifers sold from $1100 to $1450.

Cows and calves sold well with most selling $2000 to $2200 with the best selling for $2700.

Tops on a per head basis was a pen of eight Angus, 484kg, sold account Ponds that made $2100 or 436c/kg.

Oyster Bay sold two pens of steers, 18 to 20 months,including a pen of 13 weighing 573kg that made $2019 or 352c/kg.

A pen of 14 steers, 553kg, sold Portside sold for $1984 or 380c/kg.

Stoney View Partners sold Angus steers, 22-24 months, with the top pen of 18, 431kg, making 434c/kg or $1870. The heifer portion from the same vendor comprised two pens with 20, weighing 409kg selling fr 396c/kg or $1619, while a pen of eight, 460kg, sold for 375c/kg, or $1725.

Rivett Run sold a draft of 26 Angus steers, 321kg, that topped at 446c/kg or $1431 a head. The same vendor sold 24 steers by open auction that weighed 285kg and made $1410 or 494c/kg.

Selling open auction was a pen of 35 steers account T & K Netherway that sold for $1410 or 566c/kg on an indicated weight of 249kg. Cypress Lodge forwarded 13 steers that sold for $1300 or 517c/kg on a weight average of 251kg.

A pen of 15 steers, 290kg, sold account Mahogany View that made $1410 or 468c/kg.

The Marsh Family Trust sold a line of 17 Angus steers, 301kg, that made 443c/kg or $1333.

The tops of the Malpara Pastoral steers weighed 315kg and sold for 444c/kg or $1398 for a pen of 14, while a pen of eight steers, account Pringle weighed 364kg and sold for 436c/kg or $1587.

Pope Buslines forwarded a line of mixed sex Angus with 15 steers, 338kg making 430c/kg or $1453. The heifer portion sold to a top of 398c/kg or $1182 for a pen of 15 weighing 297kg.

Waterloo Park sold 21 Angus heifers, 358kg, that made 398c/kg or $1424.

An excellent pen of Angus heifers, 16-17 months, sold account AJ Collins weighed in at 376kg and were knocked down for 396c/kg or $1489.

A draft of 65 Friesian steers sold account Fife Farms in three lines with the top per head being $980 or 350c/kg on weights of 280kg. The light end, 217kg, sold to 368c/kg.

Seventeen Angus heifers sold account Kitannon, 441kg, sold for 386c/kg or $1702.

A pen of heifers, 331kg, sold account Woodrow, made 395c/kg or $1307. The same vendor had a pen of seven cows and calves, first to fourth calvers, not rejoined, that sold for $2500.

In the cows and calves a pen of 15 Angus cows with calves at foot, second calvers, and depastured, sold account Coffey Partnership, went for $2700.

A pen of four cows, second to fourth calvers, with March-drop calves at foot, sold for $2200.


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