GOOD ADVICE: The Just Better, team in the office ready to help.

GOOD ADVICE: The Just Better, team in the office ready to help.

Searching for tags faster

Searching for tags faster


Just Better, aim to solve some of the issues usually faced by producers when purchasing tags.


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Expert advice on every tag brand

Choosing the right tags for your livestock can be complicated, and primary producers often find no one solution will suit everything.

Just Better, simplifies the sometimes arduous and complex ordering process.

Having worked in the industry for many years, managing director Brad Dwyer and his team aim to solve some of the issues usually faced by producers when purchasing tags, such as finding tags are inappropriate for their region or breed, high costs, slow delivery and complicated ordering.

"Approaching an investor with industry knowledge and experience we created a vision and used our experience to create, not just a webshop, but a real tag resource for livestock producers," he said.

"We spent six months designing a solution - an online site for every brand."

Offering online sales and support 24/7 plus advice on tags, EID readers, DNA/TSU tags, weigh scales, GPS tags and apps, Mr Dwyer said livestock producers are often relieved to be able to speak to someone who can offer them a solution to any query.

"They're sometimes confused by the rules or frustrated with tag losses or infection," he said. "Often these problems can be resolved by changing to a different tag design, more appropriate to the region, climate or demands, and we're able to help without being limited to any particular brand.

"Livestock producers also like our reminder service. We remind customers when they usually order tags, as there is nothing worse than mustering but finding too few tags on hand."

Just Better, offers a fast online interactive search tool, live chat with an online expert or sales and service assistance by calling 1300 813 500.

"Where rural merchants are very good at most things, tags are a complicated and specialised matter requiring expert consideration of animals, terrain, pasture and farming technique, management systems and regulations," Mr Dwyer said.

"We specialise in tags, and we're not brand-aligned. We offer every brand, so we can offer impartial advice across the board.

"Additionally, we carry some NLIS tags exclusively and create offers such as buy 100 get 25 free NLIS cattle tags.

SUPPORT: Just Better, managing director Brad Dwyer.

SUPPORT: Just Better, managing director Brad Dwyer.

"Most importantly we help with official forms and can arrange emergency or express tags for same-day dispatch. Lastly, we ship directly to the property every time, so there's no need to go to the store."

Since the business was launched in January 2018, Mr Dwyer and his team of experts with industry and brand knowledge have secured many large orders.

They are now the buying agent for several large stations and livestock producers.

"Despite a difficult 2019 with floods, drought and fires we calculate that within two years we now class more than 10 per cent of livestock producers in Australia as our customers, up from 5pc achieved in 2018," he said.

"We expect this to double again to 20pc by the end of next year."

And they have plans in the pipeline to sell into international markets.

"We've spent a lot of time developing an instant search tool, which has just launched," Mr Dwyer said.

"In real-time from our site it's possible to search for any tag by brand, type etc without delay.

"As EID for sheep becomes nationally adopted and new active tag (GPS) technology available, we're launching a video channel with a series of 'how-to' videos as a one-stop source for all specialist information relating to animal intelligence, monitoring and of course tagging methods.

"These videos together with background stories on tag makers, will premiere on our channel and become available via our site in July, this coincides with our launch in New Zealand."

With food provenance favourable among consumers, sees identification across all livestock becoming more widespread.

"What we can leverage is our ability to advise producers on devices that need to meet changing rules and regulations," Mr Dwyer said.

"As rural merchant networks are slow to adopt new technology without demand, we at are seen as the preferred vehicle for new brands and technologies to launch.

"Being impartial and able to communicate to a wide audience, we can inform producers of solutions they might not be aware of. The new mOOvement GPS tag is a good example."

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