Yea spring-drop weaners fit the bill, selling to $1610

Yea spring-drop weaners fit the bill, selling to $1610

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This year's Yea Nutrien Ag annual spring drop weaner sale saw values around double those of last year's sale.


An even penning of quality weaner cattle greeted buyers at the annual Yea Nutrien Livestock sale on Friday.

Annual drafts of "true spring-drop weaner" cattle, bred mainly locally, sold to strong demand with a Covid-19 regulated gallery of buyers paying to $1610 for steers and $1450 for heifers.

Nutrien Livestock auctioneer Anthony Delaney gives a rundown on the steer weaner section at Yea's special sale.

Angus steers made up the majority of the yarding of 1981 cattle with 1214 selling fro $810 to $1610 to average $1312. Hereford steers numbered 195 and sold from $1000 to $1350 and averaged $1220.

In the heifer yarding the 295 Angus made from $650 to $1450 and averaged $1175 while 26 Hereford heifers sold in two lines making $850 and $950.

This year's result was almost double the 2019 sale and was reflective of recent sales and the condition of the stock presented.

Nutrien Livestock's Tyson Bush said the cattle were a credit to the vendors.

He said feedback from buyers was that they were pleased with the evenness and quality of the yarding.

"It was a proper spring drop yarding of high-country calves," he said.

Mr Bush said a number of EU qualified cattle stayed "in the system", but there was no distinct premium paid.

He said AuctionsPlus bid on a number of pens but only purchased a couple of pens.

"Overall everyone is happy. It has been a great day."

Nutrien auctioneer Anthoney Delaney said the cattle were saved for this fixture and this year there was a lift in the weights of calves.

It was an even run of steer calves all the way through with prices ranging generally around 450-460c/kg.

Mr Delaney said there was strong competition from the western District, across a wide area of NSW with some local support.

Top of the steer section was a pen of 14 sold account Yencken Pastoral weighing 371kg and making $1610 or 433c/kg.

CK & LM Oliver sold 13 steers, 8-9 months, weighing 357kg that made $1540 or 431c/kg.

At the heavy end of steers was a pen of 11, weighing 389kg, Glendaloch blood, that sold account Sawpit Rural for $1560 or 401c/kg. Their heifer portion was a pen of seven that made $1450 or 381c/kg.

Twenty-two steers sold account Marlene Walsh, weighing 331kg, sold for $1510 or 456c/kg, with a pen of 26 at 285kg sold for $1320. The heifer portion from the same vendor comprised a pen of 26 weighing 270kg that made $1190 or 440c/kg.

Habbies Howe forwarded a draft of Te Mania blood, September/October-drop steers 44 selling for $1480, or 447c/kg. A further lot of 48 made $1410 or 454c/kg on weights of 310kg. A third pen of 38 lighter steers at 297kg sold for $1350 or 454c/kg.

A big annual draft of 152 Poll Hereford calves consigned by Molesworth Pastoral sold to strong demand. The Wirruna and Claredale blood steers, 8-9 months, had weights of 205kg to 294kg and sold from $1020 to $1350 or up to 548c/kg.

Barragunda Pastoral, Mansfield, forwarded 154 Angus steers with the tops making $1450 for a pen of 18 at 329kg. The balance sold in a band from $1380 to $1190. The low pen came in at 528c/kg for the 28 that weighed 225kg.

Black On Green sold 147 Riga and Anvil blood steers to a top of $1400 and the balance from $1260 to $1335 on weights of 256kg to 310kg.

Ancona Station consigned 77 steers and 25 heifers, Anvil blood, with the steer portion selling between $1000 (555c/kg) and $1280 (477c/kg).

One pen of 25 Murray Grey steers, 272kg, sold account Geelong Grammar sold for $1120 or 414c/kg.

Of the lighter weight steers a pen of 27 sold account Robin Rise, 6-7 months, sold for $1070 or 529c/kg.


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