Cattle sold through the ring at Pakenham as steers tip 500c/kg

Cattle sold through the ring at Pakenham as steers tip 500c/kg


About 2000 cattle were sold at Pakenham on Thursday.


Light steers sold to 500 cents a kilogram at Pakenham on Thursday a week after store sales resumed at the Victorian Livestock Exchange.

About 2000 cattle were sold at the fortnightly market as vendors and prospective buyers were given a one-hour viewing opportunity before the sale.

Feedlot competition was strong with JBS and several commission buyers operating, while restocker activity for South Gippsland and West Gippsland was consistent with recent sales.

Feeder steers which weighed 500-600 kilograms made 210-345c/kg, steers 300-400kg made 340-425c/kg while steers under 250kg made up to 500c/kg.

Heifers 400-500kg made between 290-340c/kg, females 300-400kg made 340-375c/kg and heifers under 250kg ranged 350-400c/kg.

Alex Scott & Staff Pakenham livestock manager David Setches said the yarding presented well, reflecting on a strong sale.

"A lot of cattle feedlotters and backgrounders bought were heading to heading to South Gippsland, staying local and into New South Wales as well," Mr Setches said.

"It was our first sale back in a month and there was a lot of interest before the sale because people hadn't had a chance to get to one of our sales for four weeks with the current situation."

Cattle were sold through the sale ring which allowed for up to 45 buyers to view the cattle while complying with social distance laws.

Like previous store sales, producers were asked to leave an order with an agent or professional buyer following the viewing to limit the amount of people at the saleyard.

Nutrien Delaney Livestock and Property auctioneer Anthony Delaney said the bulk of cattle were purchased by commission buyers.

"Any decent run of steers sold above 400c/kg, the heavier end of the steers was upwards of 370c/kg," he said.

Geoff Murray sold 14 steers, 548kg, for $1890 or 344c/kg.

Wilson and Thomas sold 15 steers, 317kg, for $1360 or 429c/kg

Jarrahwood Pastoral Company sold 25 steers for $1370.

F Templeton sold 18 steers, 368kg, for $1420 or 385c/kg.

The Avenues sold 20 steers, 359kg, for $1460 or 406c/kg.

Absolute Angus sold 20 steers, 366kg, for $1450 or 396c/kg.

I Castles sold 11 steers, 649kg, for $1909 or

A Cleeland sold 22 Black Baldy heifers, 345kg, $1190 or 344c/kg.

Greenhaven Pastoral sold 21 Angus heifers, 350kg, for $1200 or 342c/kg.

Ross Hannett sold seven heifers, 686kg, for $1940 or 282c/kg.

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