Be it farming, transport or manufacturing, Aussie businesses are in it together

Whether it's farming, transport or manufacturing, Aussie businesses are in it together


With the recent economic impacts of the global pandemic being felt right across country, supporting Australian jobs is essential.


Story sponsored by Freightmaster Semi Trailers.

In tough economic times, the one thing all people on the land need to do is make sure the equipment they're buying will stand the test of time.

That's why more and more people are turning to leading Australian transport manufacturer Freightmaster Semi Trailers to upgrade their infrastructure.

Located in Burton, SA, the company employs close to 30 highly skilled workers and has developed a reputation over the last three and a half decades for the pure quality of their work.

They use the best Australian steel to produce between 200 to 250 custom made products each year, including roadtrain dollies, chassis tippers, drop decks, flat tops, curtainsiders, skels, machinery tag trailers and aluminium tippers.

They cover a wide range of configurations - including single trailers, B-Doubles and roadtrains - and ship their products to clients right across the country, supplying primary producers, major freight companies and the mining sector alike.

However, with the recent economic impacts of the global pandemic now being felt right across country, Sales Manager Mick Tucker says supporting local jobs is absolutely essential.

The workshop has employed a series of COVID-19 Social Distancing Measures and continues to supply the producers who are taking advantage of the government's economic stimulus measures and purchasing new equipment before the end of the financial year.

Now is the perfect time to get your orders in, Mr Tucker says, adding the quality of an Australian made tipper or flat top versus that of a cheaper import is night and day.

"Everything we build here is Australian made from Australian steel, which is just a much higher quality steel, and that inspires our guys to use it make high quality products," Mr Tucker said.

"We cut it, we shape it and we make it fit the trailers. We also get a lot of support work done by other businesses around here too. For example, the laser cutting is done by another local company in Adelaide, so we're helping to keep them in business too," he continued.

"Australian built using Australian steel keeps Australians in work and that is unbelievably important right now."

Owner Peter Cocks agreed, saying there had never been a more important time for all domestic industries to support each other and to help protect Australian jobs. We're all in it together.

"We're a group of Aussie blokes building Aussie trailers for the Aussie transport industry," Mr Cocks explained.

"In these trying times Freightmaster is fully operational so we can carry the farmers and the farmers can carry the country," he continued.

"We have the necessary dedication in providing you the most reliable and affordable Australian built trailers with pricing that can be tailored to suit your requirements. We can also ship them to every state in the country."

While Freightmaster Semi Trailers is a smaller company, their goal is to build equipment to suit all customers' needs while keeping running costs down.

"We are not a production line company so we cater for each and every customer's requests, ie heavy duty frames, off highway frames, axles and suspension variations," Mr Cocks added.

"We also have a good range of spare parts and a fully equipped workshop for repairs and insurance jobs."

Freightmaster Semi Trailers has agents in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, and provide back up/sales services nationwide. Trailer and dolly hire is also available in Adelaide.

For more information visit or call Mr Tucker 0407 829 542 or email

Story sponsored by Freightmaster Semi Trailers.

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