Light a candle on Anzac Day in your driveway

Light a candle on Anzac Day in your driveway


On farms or in regional or small town, everyone is asked to an Anzac Day dawn service at the end of your driveway.

NEW WAY: Plenty of ways to follow Anzac Day.

NEW WAY: Plenty of ways to follow Anzac Day.

Australian communities will be able to take part in an Anzac Day service - just not in the usual way.

A ground swell of support since the announcement that all public services were cancelled, will see people able to conduct their own events.

RSL Victoria chief executive, Jamie Twidale, said Anzac Day was not cancelled, it was just going to be different this year.

He said a dawn service would be held at the Shrine - probably with just two people present - which would be live streamed on Facebook and broadcast on television.

People would also be able to take part in the RSL Victoria "Stand to" campaign where at 6am they could stand on their balcony, courtyard or in their driveway to "take a moment silence to reflect on Anzac Day", he said.

Mr Twidale said the RSL Victoria was also asking people to phone someone - a relative or friend who had served - just to let them know they are being thought about.

He said continuity was important.

This year provided an opportunity to connect through social media with a portion of the population that might not normally have been involved.

With social isolation at the moment it was a great opportunity stand at the end of your driveway and wave to your neighbour.

Social media has delivered an enormous level of interest with one Facebook page - Aussies & Kiwis for ANZACs - gathering more than 190,000 people with members from more than 100 countries.

The page's developer, Justin Wilbur, said the response to an idea to get people outside at dawn had been incredible.

He said the aim was to have people walk to the end of their driveway before 6am, light a candle and "have the nation line its streets and roads and share a minute's silence".

This year's plan should continue in years to come as it allowed people to take part and overcome geographic location, social anxiety or physical disability, he said.

A mobile application was being developed that would allow streaming of the national service in Canberra to individuals in their local dawn time.

It was important that the messages about the coverage and live streaming were consistent so everyone who wanted to participate had the right information, he said.

  • If you are participating in the ANZAC dawn service at the end of your driveway, please email photos to For more information, go to Aussies & Kiwis for ANZACs Facebook page.

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