Coronavirus starts to hit store sales

Kyneton store sale was quieter, due to the impact of COVID-19: agents

CORONAVIRUS JITTERS: Mingela Pastoral Company manager Michelle Dicks, with a pen of the company's Wagyu/Angus cross cattle.

CORONAVIRUS JITTERS: Mingela Pastoral Company manager Michelle Dicks, with a pen of the company's Wagyu/Angus cross cattle.


Coronavirus jitters hit Kyneton's March store cattle sale.


Uncertainty over coronavirus is starting to hit store cattle sales, with agents at Kyneton saying many buyers were hanging back and waiting to see what happened next.

Agents yarded about 830 head of cattle.

John Robson, Nutrien Ag Solutions, said the sale was definitely cheaper, with plainer, or lighter cattle, bearing the brunt of the price drop.

"The job has come off the boil, Midfield was there, along with two or three feedlotters, who bought cows," Mr Robson said.

He said one local feedlotter took about 10 per cent of the yarding, while Rodwells at Pakenham bought most of the better steers.

Other buyers included processors.

Mr Robson said there was now a lot of uncertainty, as buyers sat back to see what was going to happen with the coronavirus pandemic.

"I think the virus kept some buyers away, I reckon the livestock job is a bit like sharemarket, when it starts to slip, people don't want to buy, until it's bottomed out.

Dean Coxon, Elders said, it was a decent result, 'all things considered.

"It wasn't a disaster, there is no denying it was cheaper, but it wasn't a fire sale," Mr Coxon said.

Elders didn't have any bigger lines of cattle.

Kieran McGrath, McGrath Rodwell, said the market held up remarkably well.

"That's considering the uncertainty, with the virus hanging over our heads, and the rush to sell all classes of cattle," Mr McGrath said.

'It was dearer than the January weaner sale, but not as dear as the last sale, in February."

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Mr McGrath said most of the competition was provided by Midfield Meats, Hardwicks and Highland Meats.

"A local private feedlot, at Bullengerook, was very strong on the heifer weaners, and Malmsbury grazier was very sold in the weaner steer job."

Sutton Grange station sold 32 mixed age High Spa bloodline Angus cows, with five to seven-month-old calves at foot, for between $1620 and $2060.

The cows were scanned in-calf.

M. Yianni sold 36 Angus steers 15 months old in forward condition, weighing between 400-460kg, for a price range of between $1450 and $1590.

Mingela Past Company sold 30 Wagyu Angus-cross steers, 18-20 months old, averaging 430kg, which made from $1350 to $1560.

BJ & K Smith "Iona" sold 30 Poll Hereford mixed sex weaners, nine to 10 months old, 390kg, for $1340, or 343c/kg.

Robert McGregor sold 10 Angus weaners, 290kg, for $1110, or 382c/kg.

Parkside, Rochford, sold eight Limousin-cross steers, 386kg, for $1400, or 362c/kg.

H and T Shepherd, Carlsruhe, sold 11 Poll Hereford heifers, 356kg, for $1220, or 332c/kg.

Simons sold 10 Angus/Friesian-cross steers, 380kg, for $1320, or 347c/kg.

Tamana Farms sold 12 Angus steer weaners, 336kg, for $1270, or 377c/kg.

Tamana also sold 14 weaners, 260kg, for $1060, or 407c/kg.

N. Crozier sold 14 Hereford-Angus-cross steers, March-April drop, 389kg, for $1380, or 364c/kg.

MC Donovan sold 13 Angus steers, 364kg, for $1310, or 360c/kg.

Kyanjuwa sold six Angus steers, 399kg, for $1350, or 340c/kg.

M Andrews sold 16 Poll Hereford steers, 354kg, for $1200, or 339c/kg.

D Barker sold 11 Hereford and Hereford-cross heifers, 383kg, for $1090, or 285c/kg.

K Park sold five Angus heifers, 270kg, for $1120, or 298c/kg.

The Farley family trust sold 11 Angus heifer weaners, 270kg, for $940, or 380c/kg.

The best cows and calves sold for up to $1200, for a pen of 12, with CAF to three months old, depastured to a Poll Hereford Bull.

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