Spirited bidding drives values up 100c/kg at Mortlake

Spirited bidding drives values up 100c/kg at Mortlake


Strong competition for suitable cattle by feedlotters and an export order provided the spark in the market at Mortlake.


The Western Victorian Livestock Exchange joined the party of recent price rises when steers sold around 100 cents a kilogram higher than the previous monthly sale.

Competition dominated by feedlots and an export order pushed benchmark prices to 438c/kg for Angus steers while all averaged 392c/kg.

Herefords made to 370c/kg while Murray Greys topped at 380c/kg and Charolais at 374c/kg.

Landmark International purchased 322 steers, mainly in a range of 280-340kg, bought to a top of 438c/kg, with the run averaging 416c/kg.

The top price was achieved for two pens with Norm Halliwell, Llewillah, Warrnambool, with nine steers, 332kg, for 438c/kg or $1456.

At the same price was a pen of 16 sold by Howley, 306kg, for $1344.

WVLX agents association president Alister Nash said the yarding of around 3200 head was very good, with quite a bit of weight displayed.

Mr Nash said feedlotters were extremely strong with five or six bidding on suitable lines trying to secure numbers with plenty of cattle making more than 400c/kg.

There was a premium for EU cattle that topped at 372c/kg, with many selling at 360c/kg plus.

The Carol Family Trust sold 12 steers, 308kg, for 434c/kg, or $1338, while MA & JM Nicholson sold 26 steers, 306kg, for 436c/kg, or $1334, and Huntly Pastoral sold 13 steers, 282kg, for 433c/kg or $1222.

JJ Black forwarded a pen of nine steers, 340kg, that made 427c/kg, or $1454.

D & S Welsh sold nine steers, 511kg, for 392c/kg, or $2005.

The Plaahuis Partnership, Newfield, sold two pens of heavy steers, 14-16 months, with the lead pen of 17 weighing 555kg selling for 356c/kg, or $1978.

Kilkenny Pastoral Co, Hawkesdale, sold heavy steers, with 24 weighing 495kg, selling for 392c/kg, or $1942.

Noda South offered a consignment that included a pen of 24 steers, 367kg, that made 400c/kg, or $1470.

They also sold a pen of 10 that weighed 429kg and sold for 396c/kg or $1698.

IS & DM Davis consigned two pens of steers with the lead pen of nine weighing 439kg making 396c/kg or $1740.

In the open auction, unweighed section, the tops of the Moyne Falls Partnership, Macarthur, steers was a pen of 44 at $1390.

The seconds made $1310 and the balance sold between $1060 and $1260.

Of the heifers, the top was $1070 for 59 to a Milling Stuart, Dunedoo, NSW, account.

Tops of the open auction heifers was a pen of 24 sold by Gumvale Grazing at $1080.

Minjah Rural sold to $1070.

The weighed heifers saw the market top at 372c/kg for a pen of 34 by Eddington Pastoral, 341kg,or $1269.

Noda South's heifers sold to 353c/kg, or $1495, for a pen of seven while Grice Ag sold 17 heifers, 405kg, for 353c/kg, or $1482.

Yera Estate sold 14 Black Baldy heifers, 365kg, for 352c/kg, or $1323.

Furneaux Pastoral Co sold 19 Angus, 418kg, for 362c/kg or $1513.

Best presented pen of heifers was a line of 19 by Kilkenny Pastoral that weighed 467kg and made 349c/kg or $1630.

Tathra Pastoral sold heifers that included a pen of 13, 365kg, that made 361c/kg, or $1319.

Hereford heifers sold by Cole Grazing sold to a top of 345c/kg, or $1308 for a pen of 16 that weighed 379kg.

The heifer portion of Huntly Pastoral sold for 361c/kg or $1038 for a pen of 11 weighing 287kg while Breakaway sold 17 Angus heifers, 341kg for 357c/kg, or $1218.

A draft of 60 Limousin heifers, sold by Chapman, made $930 and $810.

Tops of the cows and calves was a pen of 22 Angus, third and fourth-calvers, that made $2380, sold by DJ & VJ Steel.

A consignment of F1 cows by D & P Lenehan made $1550 to $1650.


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