Rains patchy, below expectations

Rains patchy, below expectations

GREEN SHOOTS: Cattle graze the road sides of an area near Wulgulmerang, where rains have kicked a green tinge. Photo supplied.

GREEN SHOOTS: Cattle graze the road sides of an area near Wulgulmerang, where rains have kicked a green tinge. Photo supplied.


Patchy rain has failed to deliver significant falls to east Gippsland and the north-east of Victoria.


Heavy falls of rain forecast for Victoria's east have so far failed to eventuate.

In the past 24 hours livestock producers in far east Gippsland have received generally between five and 20 millimetres.

Similar falls have been recorded in the north-east of the state with some higher falls in elevated areas.

An exception was Club Terrace in east Gippsland which recorded 44mm up to 1pm Monday.

Producers in the east of the state are desperate for follow-up rains, particularly to provide run-off for dams.

The Bureau of Meteorology recorded that in south-coast of NSW Bega received 80mm and Bombala 24mm.

BOM duty forecaster Kristie Johnson, said Mount Delegate had 19mm and Mallacoota 16mm.

She said the bureau had cancelled its severe weather warning for flash flooding as heavy falls were expected to remain north of the border.

Thunderstorms were forecast to move towards the north east and northern country.

She said the storms could be quite slow moving and could result in some "decent rainfall totals".

Orbost beef and dairy producer Chris Nixon, said the latest falls had delivered about 12mm, on top of 50mm a couple of weeks earlier.

He said the paddocks were "quite green".

The biggest issue was a lack of run-off rain to fill dry dams

Mr Nixon said the farm's dams had been dry for three years.

At Swifts Creek figures from the BOM showed 17mm up to 9am Monday, while Omeo had 21mm, Gelantipy 12mm.

Barry Newcomen, Ensay, who was travelling to studs in South Australia, said reports from home were that around 20mm had fallen.

He said they needed the light falls to continue to keep the green pick alive until the time came for "decent falls".

In the north east near Tallangatta, David Brewer said the area had received 8-9mm in the past 24 hours.

He said the rain a couple of weeks earlier had damaged what dry feed they had, but had also been enough to get the fires under control.

Ms Johnson said the system was a low pressure trough which was quite slow moving and showers and storms could potentially be received for the next few days.

The humid air was quite unstable and the pattern could see showers in the afternoons and evening thunderstorms.

That pattern looked like continuing into the next week, she said.


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