Grains industry news in brief 10.2.20

Grains industry news in brief 10.2.20

Grain exports out of Ukraine are expected to rise for the 2019-20 marketing season.

Grain exports out of Ukraine are expected to rise for the 2019-20 marketing season.


GrainGrowers' leadership program underway, drought in southern Africa and a tick for more grain in infant diets.


GrainGrowers' program

GRAINGROWERS' Australian Grain Leaders Program (AGLP) students have started their course.

Ten students, made up of growers and grains industry professionals will undergo the course, which aims to enhance leadership skills.

The ten course participants are:

Alana Alexander (Walebing, WA)

Murray McCartney (Geraldton, WA)

Kimberly Pellosis (Point Cook, Vic)

Chris Moloney (Arthurton, SA)

Angela Mazur (Quambatook, Vic)

Jessica Kirkpatrick (Tamworth, NSW)

Anna Dye (Corowa, NSW)

Chris Clyne (Moree, NSW)

Thomas Dolphin (Port Kenny, SA)

Benjamin Schober (Wappilka, SA)

Pakistan to import wheat

Pakistan, which is often a net exporter of wheat, will be forced to import at least 300,000 tonnes of the staple grain in order stop emerging shortages of flour.

Reuters reported bread makers recently shut down in protest against rising flour prices.

Bread is a major staple food in Pakistan.

Pakistan had previously exported wheat after a relatively modest harvest, leading to the shortage.

Grain dietary benefits

A new study recently published in Nutrients, a peer-reviewed medical journal of human nutrition, found that grain products were an important part of a balanced diet for infants and warned of potential risks if they were excluded.

The study assessed grain food relationships with nutrient and energy intakes, diet quality, and food group consumption in infant grain consumers relative to non-consumers and found that grains were a critical part of a healthy diet for infants, associated with higher nutrient intakes, better diet quality scores and broader food group intake.

Ukraine exports up

UKRAINE continues to go from strength to strength as an exporter of grain, with Ukrainian officials reporting the country would export 34.7 million tonnes of grain for 2019-20, a 30 per cent increase year on year increase.

Ukraine had a ripping harvest last year, taking off a record 75 million tonnes.

The major crops by production are wheat, corn and barley.

Zimbabwe drought

ONE OF the worst droughts in recent years has meant the southern African nation of Zimbabwe has lifted a ban on imports of genetically modified (GM) corn to avert a potentially disastrous famine.

The GM corn is mainly coming in from nearby South Africa.

Corn meal is a staple food for many in Zimbabwe.

The current drought in Zimbabwe has been described as the worst in 40 years.

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