Wangaratta sale swelled by fire affected stock

Wangaratta weaners push over 400c/kg

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A huge yarding, and strong gallery, push prices over 400c/kg.


Fire-affected cattle from the Upper Murray valley helped swell the annual Wangaratta weaner sale yarding, initally estimated at about 3600.

Agents ended up yarding 4258 head of cattle.

Daniel Fisher, Landmark, said the price rise in the last couple of weeks certainly helped the sale.

Vendors from the fire-affected area, north of Albury, had released spring drop calves, while local producers were letting stock go, as the area had been very dry.

"It was a pretty solid sale, right from the word go," Mr Fisher said.

"The lighter calves sold up to 440c/kg, any calves 280-90kg, would be ticking uo towards the four-dollar mark."

Oliver Mason, Elders, said mid-range calves pushed up to the 400c/kg mark.

"There was plenty of competition , right across the board, it was good to see those little cattle were into the early $1000, for not a lot of weight," Mr Mason said.

"We also had a pretty significant entry from Dennis Heywood, and his sons, DK Heywood, and they had about 530 calves, so it was a realy headliner."

He said there was a lot of local agent support, but cattle also went to feedlots, Gippsland, Boort and Landmark International.

"We are probably pretty fortunate, season wise," Mr Mason said.

"In anticipation of a rising cattle market, and on the hope of an autumn break, there is plenty of local support.

"There was a lot of weight in the first three or four lanes of cattle, which helped the feedlotters, and there might have been one North Queensland operator, as well."

Justine Keane, Corcoran Parker, said the market was above what agents would have quoted to clients.

"The strenght of the market, in this area in the last couple of weeks, has been 330-250c/kg, as a lead, which is also a big lift on a month ago.

"We have seen some major rises in store cattle, in the last month, to six weeks."

He said cattle making 300-320c/kg in early January were now making 350-370c/kg.

"You are looking at a couple of hundred dollars, at least," Mr Keane said.

Lighter cattle appeared to be going back to bullock fatteners, who had sold stock for $2000 a head.

"There have been a couple of major vendors who have seen Wangaratta as a good market to sell at," he said.

"No-one was overly dominant."

Tony and Janine Simpson, Docker, were awarded the Best Presented pen ribbon, selling their pen of 28 Araluen and Landfall-blood steers, 393kg, for $1445, or 367c/kg.

Of the lighter steers, Pine Lodge, Tocumwal, sold a line of 19 Angus steers, 240kg, for $980, or 408c/kg.

They went to Brad Gleeson, Landmark Euroa.

DKF Heywood sold a pen of 19 Angus steers, 387kg, for $1000, or 387c/kg.

L$S Heywood, Whourouly, sold 20 Landfall and Witherswood-blood steers, 276kg, for $1075, or 389c/kg.

Villa sold a pen of 28 Witherswood and Scotts Angus-blood steers, 227kg, for $990, or 436c/kg.

In the first lane, GP and D Norman sold 20 Banquet-blood steers, 404kg, for $1490, or 368c/kg.

DS&EG Morton sold 25 Angus steers, 391kg, for $1410, or 360c/kg.

A&J Cavanagh sold a pen of 17 Scotts-blood steers, 408kg, for $1470, or 360c/kg.

N&M Buchan sold a pen of 16 Riga-blood steers, 435kg, for $1540 or 354c/kg.

C,P&D Norman sold a pen of 20 Angus steers, 378kg, for $1400, or 370c/kg.

Julie Paterson sold a pen of 21 Alpine-blood steers, 370kg, for $1380, or 372c/kg.

P&K Delmastro, Murmudgee, sold a pen of 29 Jarobee and Witherswood-blood steers, 398kg, for $1470, or 369c/kg.

Faldinghurst, Wangaratta East, sold a pen of 19 Welcome Swallow and Alpine Angus-blood steers, 485kg, for $1400, or 363c/kg.

Among the larger drafts were weaners presented by the Heywood family, with the first pen offered by Glenlock, Everton.

The pen of 14 Ben Nevis, The Glen, Black Aqua and Pinnacle-blood steers, 400kg, sold for $1470, or 367c/kg.

The second pen of 57 steers, 368kg, sold for $1395, or 379c/kg.

McLaren sold a line of 10 Angus and Angus/Limousin-cross steers, 372kg, for $1340, or 360c/kg.

Blue Range, Mansfield, sold 26 Angus/Hereford-cross Riga and Te Mania blood steers, 324kg, for $1240, or 382c/kg.

G & I Warren sold a pen of 11 Limousin/Angus-cross heifers, 392kg, for $1235, or 314c/kg.

Katie Robinson, Kilfeera, sold a pen of 21 Charolais/Hereford-cross heifers, 317kg, for $1050, or 354c/kg.

AW and K Bailey sold a pen of 20 Angus/Charolais cross heifers, Rangan-blood, 381kg, for $1250, or 328c/kg.


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