Hamilton heifers make 322c/kg to finish weaner week

Hamilton heifers make 322c/kg to finish weaner week


Angus heifers sold to $1090 at the final day of the Hamilton weaner sales.


In a yarding of 1158, Angus heifer topped the annual Hamilton British breed heifer weaner sale at 322 cents a kilogram.

The sale, conducted by independent agents, was around 500 fewer than advertised with quality heifers selling at firm rates on recent sales.

Feature lines attracted repeat buyers that had been buying for three or four years.

JM Ellis & Co director Jack Hickey said the cattle sold exceptionally well.

"It was good to see people that have been spending a bit of money on genetics getting paid for it," Mr Hickey said.

He said once off the feature lines there was still good support at prices generally around 260-270c/kg.

He said the market was 10-20c/kg better than expected prior to the sale.

"It's been well supported locally as well as south-east of South Australia," he said.

He said purchasers were keen to put lines together to either go into their breeding programs or for sale later on.

The sale was slightly higher than the 2019 sale with an overall average this year of 273c/kg compared with a yarding at the 2019 sale of 1700 heifers that averaged 269c/kg.

JM Ellis & Co director Jack Hickey on the independent agents heifer sale at Hamilton

South-east SA buyers took home in excess of 220 heifers while Hamilton and Casterton buyers took the major proportion of the yarding, with support from other western Victorian locations.

The sale opened with two pens totaling 55 head, of Angus heifers sold by Trenoweth that went for 322c/kg, averaging $1052 to $1138 a head.

These cattle were "tops of the drop" by Millah Murrah and Pathfinder sires, and went to repeat buyer Alistar Brown, Glenerin, Coleraine, through Elders Hamilton.

The sale of the property saw a final draft of heifers come forward from Comly Bank, Byaduk.

The top-priced pen was a line of 13, 340kg, that sold for 320c/kg, or $1090, while the slightly heavier pen of 11 sold for 284c/kg or $1086 on weights of 351kg.

A third line of 18, weighing 328kg, sold for 302c/kg or $993.

Miller, Glenarlie, Cavendish, sold a pen of 13 Angus heifers that weighed 351kg and sold for 309c/kg, or $1086.

Of the Hereford offering the top of the heifer drop from the Orana Partnership sold to 313c/kg, or $881 to $967 on average weights of 281 to 309kg.

Leon and Sally Wheeler, Wallacedale, followed on from a successful steer sale with an offering of Hereford heifers that topped at 270c/kg across five pens totaling 118 head.

The weight range across the pens was 326 to 367kg, coming out at $881 to $991.

Back in the Angus offering was a draft 14 heifers sold by Cumberland.

The line weighed 381kg and sold for 276c/kg, or $1051.

A line of heifers sold by Winninburn had a top pen of 23, 348kg, selling for 288c/kg, or $1004.


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