Casterton heifers end week with Herefords making to 286c/kg

Casterton heifers end week with Herefords making to 286c/kg


The annual Casterton annual heifer weaner sale saw Hereford heifers sell to $990.


Casterton vendors and agents alike were happy with the results of the final day of weaner sales that yielded an average price of 261 cents a kilogram.

The yarding of 1574 averaged a per head price of $762 after sales ranged between $360 to $990 on all breeds including Angus, Black Baldy, Hereford, Charolais and Murray Grey.

Conducted by Elders and Landmark, the heifer sale concluded a successful week at the centre.

Landmark auctioneer Greg Bright, Casterton, said the yarding was slightly reduced from advertised as a number of Hereford heifers had been taken out by export orders.

Mr Bright said a couple of lots of Angus heifers were taken out because of fears about the impact of the fires and drought, as well as a hope that prices for female cattle would improve once good rains were received.

He said cattle coming forward were 10 to 20 kilograms lighter, but the sale was "quite reasonable".

"We've got a few blokes with feed around here," he said.

Mr Bright said the majority of the heifers were bought for putting on grass "or just poked out for a bit longer".

South Australian agents Miller Whan & John took around 30 per cent of the yarding for their clients, while Landmark Casterton purchased about 20pc for local clients.

Top of the sale was a line of Hereford breeders sold by Manny Carlin, Butchers, Dunrobin.

The pen comprised 13 Taronga-blood heifers, 346kg, that sold for 286c/kg or $990, also top of the sale.

The next pen was also by Butchers comprising 19 at 296kg, that made 261c/kg or $774.

Best of the Angus heifers was a pen of 17 Banquet and Dollar Angus-blood, that sold by Marlan, weighed 334kg, and made 280c/kg or $935.

Gavin and Jodie Dohnt, Willbrook Five, Henty, sold a draft of 12 Angus heifers, 346kg, that made 279c/kg or $967.

West Ridge sold a pen of 18 Boonaroo-blood Angus heifers that weighed 350kg and sold for 275c/kg, or $962.

Also making above $900 was a line of 23 Boonaroo Angus-blood heifers sold by Batalon, that made $920 on weights of 339kg and a price of 271c/kg.

A second line of 22 sold for 269c/kg or $952 on weights of 377kg.

In the big pens, Kleenview Pastoral had a line of 53 heifers, Nampara and Banquet-blood, 356kg, that sold for 275c/kg or $979.

The same vendor had a second line of 22, at 338kg, that made 260c/kg or $879.

The next pen was a consignment from Baroona of 44 Pathfinder-blood that weighed 324kg and sold for 275c/kg making $862.

Robert Pettingill, Carinyah East, Wando Vale, had a draft of Murray Grey heifers that weighed 300kg and sold for 250c/kg, or $751.

A Cameron sold 32 light Angus heifers, 242kg, for 275c/kg, or $666.


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