Prices rise at Warrnambool as competition ramps up

Prices rise at Warrnambool as competition ramps up

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Buyers were keen for stock as a large yarding at Warrnambool attracted good inquiry.


A strong trend was evident for a yarding of 3059 cattle at the Warrnambool monthly store sale.

Local support was bolstered with bidding from feedlotters and finishers in western district areas as well as the south-west of the state and south-east South Australia.

The level of support pushed values up on the sale a month earlier.

Warrnambool Stock Agents Association president Anthony Mahony said numbers coming forward had crept up during the few days prior.

Mr Mahony said the quality of the yarding was good with a very good line-up of Angus steers.

Cattle were starting to put on condition after a good season for putting weight on cattle.

"We've had a season out of the box down here, we've been very lucky and the cattle have done exceptionally well," he said.

"There was a huge contingent of local buyers, a very good turn up."

He said feedlotters were pretty consistent.

He said the heavy steers over 500 kilograms sold around the 280 cents a kilogram mark, "like everywhere else".

"Once weights slipped below the 500kg mark prices went up to $3 and were consistently around 315-320c/kg," he said.

He said the open auction steers were a highlight, selling to nearly $1200 a head.

"They were a beautiful run of steers," he said.

The heifer offering was led by a line of heavy heifers from Condah that sold to 295c/kg.

The regular run of heifers was helped by buyers who had missed out on steers.

Steers were quoted as making 290-334c/kg for heavier steers, while the lighter steers made from 285-332c/kg.

Open auction steers sold to $1170, with most selling from $980 to $1170.

Smaller steers sold from $800 to $1000 and light steers $550 to $800.

Crossbred steers made from 258-283c/kg.

Heifers were quoted as making generally between 268-295c/kg for heavier types, while open auction heifers sold in a range of $680 to $800.

F1 heifers made between $800-$980.

Good numbers of cows and calves sold from $1580 to $1770.

B & M Farley, Toolong, forwarded a quality line-up of steers and heifers with a pen of 20, 379kg, aged 11-12 months, Te Mania-blood, selling for 334c/kg or $1265.

The same vendor had a pen of 16 steers, 467kg, that sold for 309c/kg or $1443.

Sugarloaf had a pen of 10 steers, 414kg, that sold for 326c/kg or $1349.

A pen of 16 weaner steers sold by Woodburn, 345kg, made 332c/kg or $1145.

Woodburn also sold in open auction a line of 10 steers making $1140, 25 at $1130 and a pen of 22 for $1110.

Bookadale sold 18 Angus steers, 303kg, for 326c/kg.

Of the heavy steers, Craig Wallis, Wittlebury, Condah, sold two pens with 20 Angus, 511kg, making 290c/kg or $1460, and a pen of 17, 537kg, making 277c/kg or $1460.

DM & ML Martin sold 21 Angus steers, 452kg, for 315c/kg or $1423.

Elandary Lodge's top pen of 18, 404kg, sold for 315c/kg or $1272.

Woolstock sold 12 Angus steers, 417kg, for 316c/kg or $1317, while Durra Pastoral Co sold eight, 383kg, for 314c/kg or $1202.

There were plenty of open auction steers that were estimated to sell above 400c/kg.

A pen of 10 Angus steers sold by Bassano made $1170, while Surrey View also sold 12 Angus steers at the same value.

Surrey View also sold steers for $1020 and 13 at $1020.

B & M Farley had a pen of 12 that sold for $1160, while AW & TJ Johnson sold 22 Black Baldy steers at $1130.

The heavy heifers were led off by a line of 74 in five pens sold by Wittlebury that weighed up to 529kg and sold for 295c/kg.

Glenwood Pastoral Trust sold two lines of Angus heifers with 15 weighing 415kg making 270c/kg or $1193, while a pen of lighter heifers, 305kg, made 277c/kg or $844.

In the cows and calves there was a dispersal of the Crystal Brook herd of Hereford and Hereford/Shorthorn-cross cows.

The cow and calf units sold from $1400 to $1520, while a line of springing heifers sold for $1500.


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