Pakenham prices rise

Prices lift by up to $100 at Pakenham | Photos


Lighter steers scarcer at Pakenham, with buyers bidding up on heavier stock.


Pakenham store cattle sale followed other markets higher, with good prices for heavier stock.

Agents yarded about 2222 head of steers and heifers and 91x83 cows and calves.

Michael Robertson, Elders, Pakenham, said steers from 550-700kilograms made just under 300cents/kilogram.

"Once you got to 500 to 550kg you were touching over 300-310c/kg for those, so it was really strong right throughout, for those heavier cattle," Mr Robertson said.

"You would say those cattle would be $100-150 dearer, even on the not so well bred, and lighter, cattle it might have been getting $200 a head dearer."

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Mr Robertson said the prices reflected last week's Yea sale, which was "exceptionally dear."

"We have had quite a season, especially south of Warragul," he said.

"They've had a stellar season and a lot of cattle are going back that way too."

David Setches, Alex Scott and Staff Pakenham livestock manager, said the stronger lines of cattle lifted by $80-$100, in some places.

"Secondary cattle did come up in price, $20-40 and maybe even $50, but certainly a lot dearer than last fortnight.

"I have never seen a field of buyers as big for probably 12 months - everyone is keen to secure a few cattle."

He said there were not too many 250-320kg steers on offer.

"We had one exporter here, Landmark International.

"He was putting a floor on those steers and was making people pay, if they wanted to secure them," Mr Steches said.

"The rain we had around here, in the vicinity of 60-80 millimetres, has certainly galvanised this job and kept it firm."

He said all cattle, in the larger yarding than was expected, "have found a home, on a dearer market."

Mr Setches agreed the feedlots were active on the 550-700kg steers.

"We had some big fellas, including one pen of 622kg steers, that made close to $2000, which was very good," he said

"There was certainly great demand on these older steers."

Mr Setches said some producers were holding back on the lighter cattle.

"It's been wet and a lot of the younger cattle are still a bit woolly and haven't cleaned off in the coat, but we look like we are going to have a great season.

"If you are fortunate to live in this part of the world, you could hang on until January, and take the punt then."

Anthony Delaney, Rodwells, said he felt the market was equal, to a little easier, than the last fortnight.

"There is no real reason, "Mr Delaney said.

"The season is good, the right people were here, but the cattle were of a level of high fours to high fives (hundred kg)," Mr Delaney said.

That attracted bids from feedlots and bullock fatteners..

"It limited the locals, who were going that way.

"No-one has had any decent pen lots of 300-350kgs, so it was a little easier, as the competition was a little easier."

Granite Hills, Baynton, sold 22 Adameluca and Te Mania blood steers, 564kg, for $1760, or 312c/kg.

WJ Connors, Nulla Vale, sold 25 steers, 512kg, for $1620, or 316c/kg.

A second pen of 25 steers, 478kg, sold for $1480, or 309c/kg.

G&J Giacco, Lang Lang, sold 10 steers, 500kg, for $1530, or 306c/kg.

Kara Mar Pastoral, Longwarry North, sold 18 steers, 367kg, for $1150, or 313c/kg.

ND Pollock sold 11 Adameluca blood steers, 325kg, for $1130, or 347c/kg.

AY Morrison, Inverloch South, sold a pen of 16 steers, 446kg, for $1430, or 320c/kg.

Devon Park, Coldstream, sold 25 Lawson's blood steers, 622kg, for $1970, or 316c/kg to Hopkins River Number 5.

Greenhaven Pastoral sold 14 steers, 341kg, for $1130, or 331c/kg.

AMJ Farming, Seaview, sold a pen of 7 Black Baldy steers, 328kg, for $1120, or 341c/kg.

Ian Manson, Newry, sold a pen of 18 steers, 416kg, for $1200, or 288c/kg.

Campaspe Park sold 5 steers, 425kg, for $1110, or 261c/kg.

A run of Angus steers out of Bega, offered by R&D MIller, sold up to 334c/kg.

Their first pen of 12 Hazeldean blood steers, 365kg, sold for $1160, or 317c/kg, while the second pen of 17 steers, 320kg, went for $1070, or 334c/kg.

Auctioneer Nathan Gibbon told the gallery: "you won't be disappointed with these proper cattle."

Cove Equine Services, Tuerong, sold a pen of 6 Limousin-cross heifers, 477kg, for $1450, or 303c/kg.

D&M Forster, Finders, sold a pen of 8 Francs blood Angus heifers, 501kg, for $1480, or 295c/kg.

L Clare, Pakenham South, sold a pen of 8, averaging 405kg, for $1080, or 266c/kg.

H Garcia, Foster North, sold 5 heifers, 280kg, for $860, or 307c/kg.

AH Wilson and JG Thomas sold a pen of 10 heifers, 254kg, for $630, or 248c/kg.

R&D Miller sold a pen of 13 Hazeldean Angus blood heifers, 335kg, for $990, or 295c/kg.

WJ Connors 24 heifers, 430kg, sold for $1260, or 293c/kg.

Of the cows and calves, Glengarriff Murray Grey stud, Warrnambool, sold one cow and calf, for $2650.

The cow was pregnancy tested in calf to Onward Lucifer, with its calf at foot by Prairie Falls Manuka.


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