Targeted buying on Kerrsville's Merino offering

Targeted buying on Kerrsville's Merino offering


Buyers knew what they wanted at the Kerrsville Merino ram sale


*50 of 56 rams sold to $3000 (twice), av $1745

THE buyers knew what they wanted and the competition for specific ram types was strong at the Kerrsville Merino ram sale at Konongwootong.

There were 56 lots on offer and 50 of them sold, to an average price of $1745.

The top price was hit twice with two rams selling for $3000 each.

Elders agent David Whyte said buyers were seeking "rams with good figures for fleece weight, sound conformation, well-grown with good structure".

"Well-defined, soft wool character is another trait buyers are prepared to chase and both the top-priced rams have a solid blend of all these features," Mr Whyte said.

"It's been consistent in the west this year; buyers have been selective and all picking that similar type."

He also noted the older rams had a higher clearance rate as "buyers wanted to visualise the potential".

Danny Hill, Baloo, Macarthur, has been buying from Kerrsville for 20 years and was one of the top-priced buyers.

Mr Hill was looking for this particular ram because of his "body weight index and consistently stable micron".

"We also know from experience these rams handle the higher rainfall because of both their constitution and fleece durability," he said.

Des Harris, Riverdale, Dunkeld, was the second buyer to pay $3000.

Mr Harris has been buying from Kerrsville for 50 years and he knows "this ram will offer good value to my flock".

"We needed a poll ram with nice, soft wool that is beautiful to handle and this ram stood out," he said.

Greg Hodgson, Nundoora, Brit Brit, was the main volume buyer with a total 10 rams purchased at an average of $1175.

Mr Hodgson and his son Simon are repeat buyers and they keep coming back because of the "reliability of the size of sheep in conjunction with the micron size, the crimp, style, feel and softness".

Robert Plush, Kerrsville, was "very pleased" after the sale.

"The result was consistent with what we expected, we have been working hard to bring on the poll rams with the Merinos and we feel like we've achieved that again this year," Mr Plush said.


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