Horsham's mixed bag of quality and prices

Horsham's mixed bag of quality and prices


Cold, wet winter reflected in quality and prices at Horsham.


Horsham's annual breeders store sheep sale saw a mixed bag of quality and prices in the 8000 head offered by the four agents.

Horsham Stock Agents Association president Matt McDonald, Landmark, said the sale was "a bit all over the place".

"The first-cross ewes sold quite well, to $330 [a head], but some of the older, composite ewes were back a bit on expectations," Mr McDonald said.

"The good quality, 1.5-year-old ewes sold exactly were we expected them to go, up to $254.

"The price slipped quickly, if the quality wasn't there."

He said the best of the older wethers sold for up to $150, while wether lambs went for $135.

"It was a mixed bag, on quality, as well," he said.

"Some of the sheep didn't present as well as they had in the past, probably due to a cold, wet winter."

The yarding was drawn from properties around the Horsham district.

Mr McDonald said most of the sheep went back out to the local area, for breeding or fattening.

"A lot of the sheep were a bit backward on quality, compared with previous years," he said.

Mr McDonald said buyers would have been quite happy with they had picked up.

He said the best of Landmark's 1.5-year-old Merino ewes made $254.

Dogwood Farms offered 75 Borung-blood, April/May 2018-drop, July-shorn ewes.

Driscoll, McIllree & Dickinson sold 149 first-cross ewes, offered by DT and RJ Hill, for $332.

The Border Leicester/Merino-cross ewes were a May/June 2018-drop.

The Hills also sold another draft of 149 first-cross ewes for $310.

S Daniels sold 36 first-cross ewes for $214.

St Elmo Farms offered 125 Koonik-blood Dohne ewes, selling them for $200.

DM and RR Jaeschke sold 102 Merino ewes for $180.

A draft of 54 Marlu Partnership August/September 2018-drop station-bred Merino ewes also sold for $180.

G&M Eagle, Glenera, sold 170 head of Merino ewes, May/June 2018-drop, Hannaton-blood, for $1170.

AL & KM Pickthal sold 94 first-cross ewe lambs for $242.

AA and JL Ferguson sold 218 first-cross Border Leicester/Merino lambs, April/May 2019-drop, for $276.

GA Brown sold 113 Woodpark-blood, March-shorn, August/September 2018-drop Merino ewes for $231.

Carrs Plains received $210 for its 108 Dohne-cross ewes.


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