Solid rams offer solid results for Coryule

Solid rams offer solid results for Coryule


It was a mix of new and regular buyers that gathered for the fifth annual Coryule Merino spring ram sale.


*34 of 46 rams sold to $6500, av $2044

IT WAS a mix of new and regular buyers that gathered for the fifth annual Coryule Merino spring ram sale, Willowvale, which guaranteed an eager crowd.

There were 46 rams offered for sale with 34 sold, hitting a top price of $6500, and an average price of $2044.

David Vowles, Trawalla, bought the top-priced ram and was "very happy" with his purchase.

"We knew the ram we wanted because of a mixture of good figures and physical structure," Mr Vowles said.

"We are looking for softness, finer-crimping, bright, well-nourished rams with good structure, length of body and staple."

Mr Vowles was a return buyer and was looking to continue breeding for the softness, wool cut and size figures that Coryule had been able to deliver over the years.

"This ram will go over our maiden ewes with another older one," he said.

Volume buyers Katrina and Chris Bruty, and their son Wayne, Homelea, Mt Emu, bought a total of six rams at a mid-range average of $2542.

The family have been buying from Coryule for the past five years and Ms Bruty said she was "very satisfied" with the results she had been seeing at home.

"We look for the bigger-barrel ram, around 19 micron with the comfort factor that Coryule consistently produce," she said.

"We know the genetics are there because Craig's done the background work."

Landmark auctioneer Andrew Sloan was upbeat after the sale.

"It was a good, strong sale," Mr Sloan said.

"Their sale figures are consistently on the rise as buyers turn up every year looking for the brighter wool with good, consistent crimp.

"Craig sells grade rams through the year as well so he will be happy with today's sale."

Coryule stud manager Craig Trickey was also "very happy" with the sale.

The mix of new buyers and regular clients was notable for him as a sign of the sale's success.

"Knowing we have new buyers coming in and we're still able to supply our regulars means we're doing it right," he said.

The sale was conducted by Landmark.


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