Young Merino ewes sell to $262 at Nhill

Nhill Merino ewes top at $262


An excellent quality yarding of younger ewes at Nhill saw animated bidding from a big crowd.


An excellent quality yarding of young ewes ensured a strong result for the annual Nhill and Kaniva districts ewe and wether lamb sale.

Agents, DMD Nhill and West Ag Kyle Livestock, penned nearly 8000 mainly locally bred sheep.

Feature line up was a consignment of 674 Merino ewes account Nariel, 2.5 years, September shorn, Glenlea Park Poll blood, that sold to $260 and averaged $258.

The same vendor sold 390 ewes, 3.5 years, same description, for an average of $206.50.

Top price for Merino ewes, 1.5 years, sold account the vendor, made $262. The June/July 2018 drop, August shorn ewes, were Moorundi blood.

Driscoll, McIllree and Dickinson principal, Andrew McIllree, said there was a good crowd who were presented with an "excellent" yarding of 1.5 and 2.5 year-old ewes in particular.

He said it was a "very strong sale", well supported by Wimmera, Mallee, South Australian and local buyers.

"The Nariel ewes attracted animated bidding from the buyers who appreciated the quality on offer," he said.

Sherwood Pastoral offered a line of 250 Merino ewes, 1.5 years, September shorn, that made $254.

Other 2.5 year-old ewes included a draft of 139 sold account D Clark that were September shorn and sold for $230.

Of the older Merino ewes 116, 3.5 years, July shorn, Kamora Park blood, account HM Schilling, made $192.

A raft of 319 ewes, 4.5 years, August shorn, sold for $178 account JR Dickinson and Sons.

R & J Cook sold 140, 5.5 years, September shorn, for $171.

S Pilgrim sold a pen of 310 Dohne ewes, 4.5 and 5.5 years, April shorn, for $160.

September shorn Merino wether lambs account C & J Smith, sold for $136 for 306 while a line of 335 with an August jacket, sold account A, A & R Clark, for $122.

Nhill Station Farms sold unshorn lambs to a top of $140 for 87, while the balance of 148 made $127.50.

AS & MK M Cook forwarded 290 lambs, September shorn, making $120.


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