Glenpaen enjoys outstanding sale result

Glenpaen polls highlight of strong sale


Glenpaen reaped the rewards of its show success and hard work with a strong result at its on-property sale.


*111 of 112 rams sold to $7000, av $2584

THE TOP buyer from 2018 returned to headline this year's Glenpaen on-property sale paying top price of $7000 for a polled ram.

Offering 112 rams in total saw the sale achieve a clearance rate of 98 per cent.

Seventy-nine horned rams sold at auction to $6000 and averaged $2256, while 32 poll rams sold to $7000 and averaged $3392.

"Wow," was the first reaction to the sale result from Glenpaen stud principal Rod Miller.

Mr Miller said the support of buyers ensured all the hard work "paid off".

Pomonal sheep producer Rod Marshall returned this year after paying top price of $6500 at the 2018 sale, to take home his choice for $7000 this year.

The poll ram, sired by a Culbin Park, WA, ram, had a micron of 18.6, a standard deviation of 3, co-efficient of variation of 16.1 and comfort factor of 99.9pc.

Top of the horned arms was $6000 for Lot 4, bought by Grant Partners, Raglan.

The ram was sired by Glendonald 54 and had a micron of 18.1, SD of 3.2, CV of 17.7 and CF of 99.9pc.

The same buyer bought a further three rams to an average of $4000.

Prominent on the poll rams was Somehill, Birchip, who bought three polls to a top of $6000 twice and a third for $3500.

The first at $6000 was Lot 35, a Culbin Park-sired ram with a micron of 17.3, SD of 2.7, CV of 15.6 and CF of 99.8pc.

The second at $6000 microned at 19.7, had a SD of 2.9, CV of 14.7 and CF of 99.5pc.

Among the volume buyers was P Gould and Co, Naracoorte, SA, selecting 10 horned rams.

They paid to a top of $5500 and their draft averaged $3650.

The top lot was sired by Glendonald 46, and measured 18.2 micron, SD of 2.8, CV of 15.4 and CF of 99.7pc.

Another volume buyer in the horned section was the Hall family's Mount Glen Farms, Stawell, who purchased 12 rams to a top price of $2750.

Rutlands Pastoral Co, Skipton, was strong on the horned rams, purchasing six to a top of $5000 and averaged $3791.

The top in the selection was Lot 8, with a micron of 18.3, SD of 3.2, CV of 17.5 and CF of 99.6pc.


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