Heavy cattle maintain demand at Bairnsdale

Heavy cattle maintain demand at Bairnsdale, lighter cattle drop slightly


Heavy and well-bred cattle were sold quickly at Bairnsdale, however, smaller cattle were hard to sell, agents said.


PRICES remained firm at Bairnsdale as agents yarded fewer cattle from southern New South Wales at the saleyard's recent store sale.

Well-bred heavy steers and heifers fetched slightly higher prices compared to a month ago, while the margin widened and prices dropped for secondary cattle which were hard to sell, agents said.

Sharp Fullgrabe owner Graeme Fullgrabe said he sold cattle which made the equivalent, if not more, than what cattle sold to during the fat market on Thursday.

"For us to come through the season we've had and for us to present the cattle in the condition they were was outstanding for quality and finish," Mr Fullgrabe said.

"It was pleasing to see a few people hanging over the pens today looking at the heifers, even the better-bred heifers which reached about 250 [cents a kilogram] plus."

Mount Taylor-based Creighton Grange Angus sold a top pen of 20 steers in the first run, 300 kilograms, for $1160 a head, which fetched 386c/kg.

Landmark East Gippsland livestock manager Brad Obst said prices were comparable to the previous sale a month ago.

"Similar lines of cattle made similar money but certainly the outstanding breeding of some of the cattle came forward and the smaller, lesser lots struggled to attract the attention the bigger and better cattle did," Mr Obst said.

"The little cattle have got a little cheaper but the bigger cattle sold to a very firm demand which has been a state-wide trend for a few months now."

Steers sold for an average of 330-360c/kg, while well-bred heifers ranged from 260-280c/kg.

Elders Bairnsdale livestock manager Morgan Davies said southern buyers were prominent at the market.

"There's a lot of good, heavy cattle which a lot of South Gippslanders are pretty strong on and they sold pretty well," Mr Davies said.

"Any calf that could go on and feed at 330kg and with the positivity and the signs of the season ... that's where a lot of that cattle went."

Bill Wyndham & Co livestock auctioneer Jake Fullgrabe described the condition of some of the penned cattle as "outstanding".

"The better end cattle were probably better than a month ago and we've seen that in the price, particularly on the heavier cattle where prices were probably a good $50 to $100 better than what we've seen," Mr Fullgrabe said.

"We had some heifers out of Bonang from a client who usually keeps them to breed but under the circumstances with the season he sold them.

"We did our sums on them prior to the sale but they made a good $50 to $60 more than what we put on them so we were happy with that."

C and P Russell sold a pen of 20 steers, 482kg, for $1590 or 329c/kg.

Coonmoor Pastoral, Lindenow South, sold 18 steers, 402kg, for $1410 or 350c/kg.

Holston Station sold 15 steers, 373kg, for $1360 or 364c/kg.

Castleburn Station sold 10 steers, 342kg, for $1090 or 318c/kg.

EM Higgins sold 10 Friesian steers for $330.

In the heifers, Clonmore Angus sold 17 head, 279kg, for $745 or 267c/kg.

D and H Wigg sold 19, 386kg, for $1010 or 261c/kg.

TJ and RC Rowe sold nine heifers, 295kg, for $825 of 279c/kg.


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