Glendemar sells rams to five states

Glendemar sells rams to five states


Strong inquiry from existing and new clients saw Glendemar MPM stud achieve a 96 per cent clearance.


*135 of 140 rams sold to $16,000, av. $2409

Marnoo-based Glendemar MPM stud sold rams to clients across the country at its 2019 on property sale.

The sale saw 135 of 140 rams sell to a top of $16,000 and average of $2409.

Regular WA buyer Perillup Estate, Mt Barker, was once again the successful purchaser of the two top priced rams at $16,000 and $8000 and also took another one home for $2500.

Top price ram Lot 77 had a balance of ASBVs with a post weaning weight index of +9.4, fat +0.9, eye muscle depth of +1.5, a yearling clean fleece weight of +17.8 and micron of 17.8. The ram will go into the breeding flock at Perillup, producing rams for a 6500 ewe base.

Rams went to Queensland, NSW, South Australia and Western Australia.

Volume purchasers were Deane and Henry Goodes, of Barooka Props, Kingston SE of South Australia, who bought 23 rams for their 6500 ewe base.

Repeat buyers for the past 55 years, Joel Joel farmers Howard and Christopher Frampton, again showed great support buying 12 rams.

From Western Australia were Bob and Heather Reed, Esperance, added another 10 rams, and Beauvally Farming, Kendenup, WA, who took home eight rams, all in the top 10% for PWT and high YCFW.

Gordon Brown, Junray P/L, Shelford, bought eight rams to be bred over his maternal composite ewes.

Glendemar stud principal Ben Duxson said Junray had experienced success using Glendemar MPM rams over their maternal composite ewes with micron coming down dramatically with an increased wool prices and no loss of growth or fertility in the flock.

Regular long-term South Australian clients MR & KL Peters, Cleve, were losing bidders on the top priced ram but backed up with five rams. The Dunstan Family, Glenurra Trust, Ngapala, SA took a selection of six rams back home. AD Pitcher and Sons, long-term buyers of Skipton, took five rams and Stacey Partners, Wickliffe, purchased six rams for their operation.

Six new clients selected a total of 28 rams.

Mr Duxson said he was "rapt" with the sale.

"We have a clear breeding objective and have focused on growth, fat, muscle, wool and fertility for a long time now and our clients are in the perfect position to reap rewards of high lamb, mutton and surplus ewe sales as well as non-mulesed quality wool, demanded by today's brands," he said.

"The great thing is we have such loyal, long-term and successful clients, who we work closely with throughout the year to fine tune their operation so they can position themselves for today's markets.

"We are seeing more and more brands wanting to get closely aligned with producers and we have such a strong breeding objective that our clients are in a position to produce a quality product, be it wool, meat or surplus sheep, for these brands".

"I believe we are on the midst of a continued sheep boom and operations with the flexability to produce high quality products, backed by high animal welfare and environmental standards that work closely with brands are in for a great future.

"Our operation is all about surrounding ourselves with quality people and we certainly have done so with the clients we have..


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