Sweetfield continues its Corriedale winning ways

Sweetfield continues its Corriedale winning ways

Royal Melbourne Show

Sweetfield has taken the top Corriedale ribbon with a ram, after tasting success with ewes in previous competitions.



Supreme champion: Sweetfield Corriedale stud, Mt Moriac

Champion ram: Sweetfield

Champion ewe: Sweetfield

AFTER a run of success with its ewes, Sweetfield Corriedale stud, Mount Moriac, has taken out the Royal Melbourne Show supreme ribbon with a ram.

Stud principal Bron Ellis said she had done very well with her ewes, both at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show, Bendigo, and Sheepvention, Hamilton.

Her Royal Melbourne Show rosette winning ewe was judged supreme longwool champion at this year's Sheepvention.

But it was the ram, which triumphed at this year's show.

"This is the ram I picked from the start of the season," Ms Ellis said.

"As with everything, it's the judge's decision on the day, but he's finally come through and he's a magnificent ram."

She said the ram's conformation was very good and he had a beautiful fleece.

"He has a nice character and he's not strong, he's more of what we are trying to breed, the 27-micron wool.

"He has a lovely head and he just stands so well.

"It's the presentation that stands out, it's a 'look at me' sort of thing."

The supreme champion, entered in the ram under 1.5 years section, weighed 125 kilograms, had a fat depth of 11 millimetres, a muscle depth of 51mm, muscle width of 99mm and muscle area of 38.9 square centimetres.

Judge Nick Cole, Camperdown, said the Corriedale classes were excellent.

"There was a good depth of sheep in them, so sorting them out got a bit difficult," Mr Cole said.

"You're splitting hairs, and finding those top genetics is always hard, and there was plenty to choose from."

He said the sheep he picked had won at previous shows, confirming his decision.

But he said deciding between the ewe and ram for supreme exhibit was one of the hardest decisions of the day.

"You always want the top sheep out there, representing the breed for the good of the industry," he said.

"You want to make sure you are putting out the best of the breed.

"They were both excellent sheep, they both had excellent points."


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