Mortlake price trends mixed on demand and the season

Mortlake joins recent markets with an easier price trend


There were mixed results at Mortlake's store cattle sale as limited feedlotter competition and local wet conditions affected demand.


A fall in feedlotter enthusiasm weighed on Thursday's Western Victorian Livestock Exchange store cattle sale at Mortlake.

The sale of 2358 cattle was a jump of more than 1000 head from the August sale at the centre.

WVLX Agents Association president Glenn Judd said the increase from the advertised numbers had seen prices "a bit easier across the board".

Mr Judd said the region was still pretty wet and some producers were selling cattle to make room for locking up paddocks for hay and silage.

"The weighed steers were that bit cheaper, 20-30 cents [a kilogram] off the top, mainly because feedlotters are all full at present," he said.

In the weaner cattle section of well-bred cattle, prices were 10-20c/kg lower but overall prices were consistent with other recent store sales.

Top of the heavy steers was a pen of 12 Angus, 16-17 months, 447kg, from David and Heather Kosch, Mount Violet, Dundonnell, that made 320c/kg, or $1432 a head.

SM & RA Johnstone had two pens that started the sale with pen one comprising eight Angus steers, 517kg, that sold for 319c/kg, or $1648.

A second pen from the vendor of 10 steers, 453kg, sold for 312c/kg, or $1414.

Wellbourne Pty Ltd forwarded 26 steers, with the tops of 21, 388kg, selling for 310c/kg, and a second pen of five, 492kg, for 302c/kg, or $1205 and $1485 respectively.

Shadow Lodge sold 42 Angus steers in one draft that weighed 357kg and sold for 315c/kg or $1126.

Two pens of Angus steers, 17-18 months, by Brookaroo sold to a top of 312c/kg for a pen of 16, 385kg.

A second pen of 24, 349kg, made 310c/kg.

Best presented pen of steers went to Nick and Helen Stanislawski and son Paul, Tarrayoukyan.

Their draft of 13 Charolais-cross, 451kg, sold for 302c/kg, or $1363.

The same vendor followed on with a pen of eight Limousin-cross steers, 406kg, that made 303c/kg or $1230.

P & G Thomas sold eight Angus steers weighing 408kg that sold for 307c/kg, or $1254.

A line of Angus steers came forward from Bermuda with one buyer taking three pens - 318kg, 325kg and 319kg - comprising a total of 61 for 311c/kg.

Another line from Bermuda of 18, weighing 292kg, sold for 315c/kg, or $922.

Orabanda sold 18 Angus steers, 318kg, for 314c/kg, or $999.

Of the open auction steers, values ranged from $620 to $990.

The tops were 12 black baldy steers sold by Ardonachie.

The same vendor sold pens at $885 and $820.

The heifer section was topped by a pen of 12 Angus sold by Buchanan Contracting.

The pen was best judged presented heifers, 439kg, and made 305c/kg or $1339.

A second draft of 17 from the vendor, 385kg, sold for 280c/kg, or $1078.

Next best was 303c/kg, or $1363, for 16 Angus heifers, 450kg, sold by SM & RA Johnstone.

A draft from W & T Aitken, Rocklyn Park, sold in two pens with the tops weighing 391kg selling for 292c/kg or $1143 and the seconds, 355kg, making 286c/kg, or $1015.

Of the Hereford heifers, South Boorook sold 15, 485kg, that made 276c/kg, or $1338, and a second pen of 20, 414kg, for 275c/kg, or $1140.

JG & J Swain sold 12 Hereford heifers, 432kg, for 274c/kg, or $1185.

A big draft of weaned Angus heifers came forward from Dunsmuir Pastoral.

These weighed from 253-282kg and sold in a range of 246-264c/kg, or a top of $744.

The open auction heifers sold mainly in a range between $375 and $580.

The tops of nine black baldy heifers were forwarded by Woodlawn Partnership.

Top of the cows and calves was $1940 for a pen of five Angus, second-calvers, with March-drop calves at foot, sold by B & A Boyd.


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