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QUALITY UP: As at this sale earlier in winter, numbers at Colac remain limited as now producers are hanging on to cattle with improved weather conditions and feed.

QUALITY UP: As at this sale earlier in winter, numbers at Colac remain limited as now producers are hanging on to cattle with improved weather conditions and feed.


Improved pasture and weather conditions saw quality increase at Colac's latest monthly sale.


About 700 cattle were yarded at the Colac Regional saleyard's monthly store sale last Friday.

Improved weather conditions and feed availability was reflected in an improved quality of the yarding compared to last month's sale.

The better weather and feed reflected in the quality of the yarding from last month which was described then as a 'typical winter penning'.

Charles Stewart Dove livestock consultant Phil Douglas said all types and grades of cattle were represented in a market that was stronger on the previous sale.

He said the weaner steers and heifers were lacking in numbers as producers waited for the on set of spring demand.

Feedlotters were again active, but had to compete with some strong grass finisher orders.

Mr Douglas said heavier steers commanded 300 cents a kilogram to 365c/kg while heavier heifers made 285 to 310c/kg. Of the weaner steers those made 340 to 375c/kg and the heifer portion 260 to 330c/kg.

Major purchasers were John Vella, Hopkins River, Davies and James Breen, Stewarts, put a very good run of steers together.

Of the heavy steer section N Tann, Irrewarra, sold 10 Angus steers. This pen weighed 520kg and sold for $1600, or 307c/kg.

Warravale, Cundare, sold 12 Angus steers for $1425, or 356c/kg on weights of 400kg. The draft also included six Charolais/Angus-cross steer that weighed 390kg and sold for $1280, or 328c/kg.

Greystone, Birregurra, sold Angus steers, 370kg, to $1120, or 302c/kg.

Five Angus steers account Cobb Country sold for $1540, or 298c/kg on weights of 517kg.

M & D Menharre sold six Angus steers, 435kg, that made $1500, or 330c/kg.

Account Yaugher, Gerangamete, sold eight Charolais steers, 384kg, that made $1280, or 333c/kg and six, same description, 361kg, that sold for $1280 or 354c/kg.

Kingoonya consigned eight Angus steers, 323kg, that made $1100, or 340c/kg.

IG & SA Menzel sold five Hereford steer, 351kg, that sold for $1130, or 321c/kg.

Koallah Park sold 16 Angus steers, 294kg, for $940, or 320c/kg, while B Leary forwarded eight Angus steers, 328kg, that made $1025, or 312c/kg.

P Bennett sold seven steers, 301kg, for $930.

Of the crossbred steers JB & JH Green sold 12 Angus/Friesian-cross, 440kg, that made $1240 or 282c/kg.

N & K Spiers offered five Angus/Friesian-cross steers, 466kg, that sold for $1190 or 255c/kg.

In the heifer offering Lariggan, Warncoort, sold 12 Angus heifers, 412kg, for $1200, or 291c/kg.

Yaugher's Charolais sold to $1000, or 285c/kg on weights of 350kg, while Cobb Country sold two heifers, 482kg, for $1400 or 290c/kg.

Yeodene Cattle Co sold nine Limousin/Angus-cross heifers for $1000.

The heifer portion of the draft from Greystones of Charolais/Angus-cross heifers, 330kg, made $850, or 257c/kg.

P Arundell sold three cows with autumn drop calves at foot, rejoined, for $1725.

L Riches, Kawarren, sold 25 Angus heifers with April/May calves at foot, for $1550.


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