Sale heifers purchased locally for herd rebuild

Sale heifers purchased locally for herd rebuild

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In a small yarding of cattle at Sale, heifers headed to the paddock for breeding.


A yarding of just shy of 500 cattle greeted buyers at the Gippsland Regional Livestock Exchange last week.

Landmark Greenwood director Ben Greenwood this sale date usually featured 1300 to 1500 cattle.

"Due to the season we've seen 800 to 1000 of those cattle that would have been set for this sale, sold already," Mr Greenwood said.

Mr Greenwood said a feature of this sale had been a couple of lines of pens of heifers that were purchased by local cattle producers.

"It was pleasing to see these heifers go back to the paddock to be kept for breeding purposes and herd rebuilding," he said.

These lines included two pens of Angus heifers, 12-13 months, Millah Murrah blood, sold account J & J Mosley. Ten heifers, 334 kilograms, sold for $1210 or 362 cents a kilogram. The second pen of 10, 323kg, sold for $1090 or 337c/kg.

Nathan McGowan forwarded 18 Angus heifers, 11-12 months, Kunuma blood, that sold in two drafts with ten, 290kg, selling for $890 or 307c/kg and eight, 267kg, making $760, or 284c/kg.

MA Coulson, Hillside, also sold Angus heifers, 317kg, that sold for $900 or 283c/kg.

In the steer section it was Nathan McGowan that again topped the sale on a liveweight basis with 15 Angus steers, 12-13 months, and weighing 268kg, that sold for 391c/kg or $1050. His heavier line of 20 steers, 308kg sold for 373c/kg or $1150.

JT & PJ Fleming sold 16 black baldy steers, 390kg, that made $1310, or 335c/kg.

W Caldwell sold nine Angus steers, 279kg for $990, or 354c/kg.

A pen of 12 Angus steers, 328kg, sold account A & D Semmens made $980 or 318c/kg.

RK & CA Heywood forwarded 15 Hereford steers, 263kg, that sold for 361c/kg liveweight or $950.

Tablelands Pastoral Co sold 14 Hereford steers to 16 months, to $1220 or 335c/kg and a further eight at $1010 or 354c/kg on weights of 285kg.

DA & AR Andrew sold 11 Hereford steers, 336kg, for $1100 or 327c/kg.

Charolais-cross steers sold account L Missen, 298kg, sold for $910 or 305c/kg.

Lighter open auction steers sold between $440 and $590 for Angus and Herefords, while Friesian-cross made $320.

Open auction heifers made $300 to $700.


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