Mortlake prices hover around recent levels

Mortlake prices hover around recent levels


Light cattle light up Mortlake sale as local buyers get stuck in.


A yarding just shy of 1300 head at Mortlake last week was presented to a large crowd in winter condition.

Western Victoria Livestock Exchange president Glenn Judd said the yarding of well-bred cattle lacked a bit of condition due to the stage of the season.

Mr Judd said grown steers sold to 352 cents a kilogram or $1688 a head.

He said the top pen was a little lower than the bigger lines and better-conditioned cattle of the previous sale that made 356c/kg.

He said the weighed weaner section sold from 330-346c/kg.

He said there was strong demand for lighter cattle with the open auction steers well bred but lacking condition.

These sold to $1030, while the open auction heifers sold to $895.

"The open auction job was a good $100 dearer," he said.

The buying support was spread among feedlotters, restockers and grass fatteners from South Australia to South Gippsland.

Local districts competed strongly throughout.

The top-priced pen on a liveweight basis was a pen of 37 Angus steers by Lynce, weighing 387kg that made 352c/kg or $1364.

Best presented pen of steers went to Trevor Sadler and these made 350c/kg or $1521 on weights of 434kg.

Kelly Livestock forwarded a line of Angus steers with a pen of 11, weighing 487kg, selling for 346c/kg or $1585.

Another pen of 16, 442kg, sold for 345c/kg or $1525.


P & GL Thomas forwarded a pen of 13 Angus steers, 411kg, that made 335c/kg, or $1377.

Selling to Gippsland was a pen of 14 Angus steers sold by Homebush Pastoral, that weighed 330kg and sold for 346c/kg or $1144.

Twenty-six steers, 346kg, sold by Ross for 347c/kg or $1203.

Loch Namo sold Angus and Charolais steers with the best of its steers being a pen of nine, 339kg, that made 330c/kg or $1118.

The same vendor sold 10 Charolais steers, 16-18 months, 397kg, for 310c/kg or $1230.

C Buchanan sold nine Hereford steers, 433kg, for 290c/kg or $1256, while the Murnane Family Trust yarded a pen of 16 Hereford steers, 18-20 months, 407kg, that topped at 286c/kg or $1166.

Buchanan Contracting had a consignment of Angus steers with the heaviest weighing up to 508kg selling for 296c/kg or $1504.

The lighter weights, 318-364kg, sold to 352c/kg and 330c/kg respectively.

The Holt family, Coonong Station, Urana, NSW, sent a quality consignment of Black Baldy September/October 2018-drop mixed-sex cattle.

The steer portion sold to 328c/kg for 31 weighing 282kg, or $927.

A pen of eight, 220kg, sold for $316c/kg or $695.

The Coonong Black Baldy heifers sold to 292c/kg or $728 on weights of 249kg. While 30 Hereford heifers, same vendor, 269kg, sold for 284c/kg or $763.

Calga sold Angus heifers to 310c/kg or $1234 at 410kg, while Reynolds sold 26, 358kg, for 318c/kg or $1139.

Ray Hawkes, Simpson, sold 20 Angus heifers, 369kg, that made 317c/kg or $1170.

Angus and Hereford heifers sold account Nevlo saw the Angus portion sell to 301c/kg for weights of 399kg or $1201. The top price in the Hereford portion was a pen of 10, 384kg, that made 276c/kg or $1061 while a heavy pen of four, 466kg made 261c/kg or $1216.

Yarracorp offered a consignment of heifers with 10 Angus making 308c/kg for weights of 303kg, or $934. The same vendor sold 14, 261kg, for 286c/kg or $746 and another pen of 14, 202kg that made 292c/kg or $592.

In the open auction section Weatherley Angus sold 13 Angus heifer to $895 and a further pen of nine for $700.

Netherway sold 20 heifers for $650.

Feature of the cow and calf offering was a pen of three Speckle Park cows with calves at foot that sold for $2090.

The large run of cross-bred steers were dearer compared to the sale a month ago making 220-235c/kg.


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