Euroa sale well above expectations

Euroa sale rises beyond all expectations

EUROA: This scene from the previous Euroa store cattle sale was repeated as buyers flocked to the laneways last week.

EUROA: This scene from the previous Euroa store cattle sale was repeated as buyers flocked to the laneways last week.


The return of grass fatteners to the buying list saw cattle prices go above expectations at Euroa.


Cattle prices jumped $50 plus a head at Euroa's monthly store sale last week.

Agents reported that the rise was across all classes of cattle with some exceeding those numbers.

It was the return to buying of local and regional grass fatteners that the buoyant market was attributed to.

Rodwells livestock agent James Cleeland, Euroa, said it was the same field of buyers as previous sales, but this time the grass fatteners from the north-east and Goulburn Valley "dominated".

"Not a lot of faces changed, it was just that they are starting to see some feed," Mr Cleeland said.

Russell Mawson, Landmark, said it was a big crowd in attendance.

"There are a lot of positives at the moment with rain about and good chopper and bullock prices," Mr Mawson said.

Mr Cleeland said heavy steers sold from 315 to 325 cents a kilogram.

Angus weaner steers, 300kg plus, sold from 344 to 374c/kg.

The lighter end in the 180 to 250kg range made between 350 and 415c/kg.

In the heifer section, Angus heifers made mainly 270 to 320c/kg.

In a mixed yarding there were some outstanding lines of cattle.

B Costello, Euroa, forwarded mixed-sex Angus weaners, 11-12 months, yard weaned and by Newnham bulls.

The steer portion sold in two lines with 24 weighing 356kg selling for $1230 a head or 345c/kg.

The lighter draft weighed 315kg and sold for $1180 or 374c/kg.

The heifer portion of the Costello weaners also sold in two lines with the tops of 25 weighing 336kg making $1020 or 303c/kg and the lighter pen of 17, 301kg, making $960 or 318c/kg.

B Shaw sold a pen of 13 Angus steers, 260kg, that went for $1025, or 394c/kg.

Buchanan Pastoral, Kelvin View, sold 27 Angus steers, 11-12 months, Anvil and Connamara-blood, in two lines.

The heavier pen of 17 steers, 321kg, sold for $1185 or 369c/kg, while a second pen of 10, 285kg, made $1000 or 350c/kg.

Clifton Park, Moglonemby, north of Euroa, sold mixed-sex weaners, Connamara and Kilcooli- blood, with a top pen of 10, 266kg, making $995 or 374c/kg.

A second pen of 10, 241kg, sold for $930 or 385c/kg.

The heifer portion sold to $820 for 12, 300kg, or 273c/kg, while 16, 241kg, sold for $700 or 290c/kg.

A pen of 14 Angus steers sold by L Ryan, Kerami, weighing 228kg sold for $930 or 407c/kg.

Glenfyne Angus offered and sold a pen of 14 Angus steers, 375kg, that made $1205 or 321c/kg.

A consignment from Villa Brae, Finley, NSW, saw a draft of 43 Angus steer weaners, 6-7 months, by Witherswood bulls, sell for $610.

The heifer portion of the Villa Brae cattle, 5-6 months, sold for $520.

Coramba Pastoral, Wagga, NSW, consigned mixed-sex calves, 5-6 months, with a pen of 48 steers selling to $640 and averaging $554.

One hundred Angus and Black Baldy heifers from the same vendor sold to $480, average $439.

An outstanding line of Angus heifers with calves at foot, 3-5 months old, sold for $1720.

AO McKinnon, The Range, Balmattum, forwarded a line of 2-year-old heifers, depastured to a Lawson bull that sold for $1390.


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