How an Ooshie got people talking about plight on farm

Farmer chops up Ooshie on live television after copping online abuse

Source: Channel Nine

Source: Channel Nine


A farmer has chopped up a prized-Ooshie on live television, after copping abuse trying to sell it online in exchange for water.


A Katandra West farmer has chopped up a prized-Woolworths Ooshie on live television, after copping abuse trying to sell it online.

Melissa Portingale and Stephen Black posted an ad on Facebook last week selling a rare Simba Ooshie, the first ever made.

They were asking for $5000 for the The Lion King toy, originally saying they would use the money to pay for water for their farm.

But after copping online abuse, including threats of suicide from people angry with the asking price, they decided to ask directly for water instead.

Soure: Facebook

Soure: Facebook

"I have the first ever furry Simba Ooshie, number #001," Ms Portingale wrote on Facebook.

"I don't want money for it.

"I'm wanting to trade it for irrigation water to use on our dying farm due to the mismanagement from our government of the Murray Darling Basin."

The abuse didn't stop, so they removed the ad altogether.

But that didn't stop the abuse either.

Mr Black explained to Channel Nine's The Today Show that people were then angry that they were refusing to sell the collector's item.

That's when he took out a pair of scissors.

"We've taken a stand against this online bullying, because it's just not on," he said on live television.

"If we were on the edge like some farmers are, [we could have] taken our lives because it got too much.

"This stuff may have pushed them over the edge.

"So we're going to destroy it, it's just not worth it."

He also explained that the dairy industry used to be really strong in his region, but with "that many gone", it was hardly running anymore.

"We have problems here and I've got work to do to get through but there's other areas worse than us," he said.

You can watch the full interview below:


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