Stellar line-up of Merino sheep at Sheepvention

Stellar line-up of Merino sheep at Sheepvention


Judges were glowing in praise for the Merino line-up at this year's Sheepvention.


Local stud's clinched the two elite ribbons on offer in the Merino rings at this year's Sheepvention in Hamilton.

Taking the honours for the supreme champion Merino ram was an entry from Glenara Merino stud, Dunkeld, 35 kilometres east of Hamilton, while the ewe prize went to Glenpaen Merino stud, Brimpaen, 90km to Hamilton's north.

For the Miller family of Rod and Sue and family, the award topped a fabulous month after the stud exhibited supreme champion and grand champion ewe and ram at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show (ASWS) in Bendigo last month.

The Sheepvention ewe was backing up from a win as grand champion ewe at the ASWS.

Mr Miller said the ewe was "on a roll".

"I always thought she was pretty handy," he said.

"She's got size, a big barrel and structurally has no faults.

"She's going to cut a power of wool while still maintaining the feminine traits."

Mr Miller said the ewe was set for the National Merino Sheep Show in Dubbo, NSW.

In the strong wool section, it was a double for Dunluce sheep breeder Norm Weir, Kerrilyn Merino and Poll Merino stud.

The stud showed both the grand champion strong wool ram and ewe.

Mr Weir said it was probably a first, winning the double on one day.

The stud was also awarded the Glenbrook Trophy for most successful Merino exhibitor.

He said the ewe and ram were by the same Mulloorie sire from South Australia.

The ram had been runner-up in the dual purpose competition, the same as 2018.

It was also a member of the winning team of three at the Loddon Valley Field Days.

"He's the biggest ram I've ever bred, he was 155 kilograms six weeks ago," he said.

"He's a proper strong wool at 22.7 micron.

"We'll retain him to use in the stud."

The ewe was reserve grand champion strong wool at Bendigo and reserve champion strong wool at Hay, NSW.

Mr Weir said the 20.9 micron ewe was now at the Towonga stud, NSW, to be part of an embryo transfer program.

For the Mibus family's Glenara Merino stud, it was very exciting accepting the winning ribbon, as it was the first supreme champion ram ribbon won by the stud operated by Trevor, Kathy, Rachael and Jacob at Dunkeld.

The ram had earlier been judged champion ram in the ultrafine section of this year's show.

Mr Mibus said it was the best result in 30 years of showing.

The ram was the result of an artificial insemination program from the Rockbank stud at Victoria Valley.

Mr Mibus said Rockbank had been a successful superfine and ultrafine stud over many years and they had utilised the genetics for more than 25 years.

"This winning ram is one of the best and biggest rams we have ever bred," he said.

"Our clip is very fine at 16.2 micron average and usually when we get into a big line-up like this we are a bit smaller than everyone else, but this ram is such a large-framed ram with a large amount of wool and quality of wool.

"I wasn't confident going in because ultrafines don't normally win these things, it normally goes to the bigger sheep."

The ram won superfine in Ballarat and then progressed to the ASWS.

The ram would now go to have semen collected to fill sales orders already taken before this result.

Merino champions

  • Supreme ram: Glenara
  • Supreme ewe: Glenpaen
  • Ultrafine: Grand champion ram: Glenara; Res: Beverley. Ewe: Mt Chaillcum; Res: Glenara
  • Superfine: unhoused ram: Mt Challicum. Ewe: Mt Challicum
  • Superfine: Grand champion ram: Wattlebank; res Coryule. Ewe: Wurrook; res: Beverley
  • Fine: Grand champion ram: Coryule; res: Coryule. Ewe: Wurrook; res: Glenpaen
  • Medium: Grand champion: Oakbank; res: Koole Vale. Ewe: Koole Vale; res: Kerrilyn
  • Strong: Grand champion: Kerrilyn; res: Oakbank. Ewe: Kerrilyn; res: Oakbank
  • Superfne/Fine Poll: Champion ram: Coryule; res: Warook. Ewe: Mt Yulong; res: Mt Challicum
  • Medium Poll: Champion ram: Terrick West; res: Tamaleuca. Ewe: Glenpaen; res: Terrick West
  • Strong Poll: Champion ram: Tamaleuca; res: Oakbank. Ewe: Radnor; res: Radnor
  • Most successful exhibitor: Kerrilyn
  • Most successful fine wool: Coryule

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