Wiltipolls hard to split

Wiltipolls hard to split


The Wiltipoll ASWS judging came down to the wire.


Wiltipoll judge Barry Shalders said the top ram and ewe, both exhibited by Reavesdale stud, Murringo, NSW, were virtually impossible to split.

Mr Shalders was adjudicating in the Wiltipoll section at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show.

"It could have gone either way," Mr Shalders said.

"It was probably a dead heat, but when it comes to that, you give it to the ram.

"He is an outstanding ram for his age, very much exhibiting Wiltipoll characteristics.

"He carries himself very well, has a nice backline, nice width of loin and stands exceptionally well."

Mr Shalders said that wasn't taking anything away from the ewe, which also impressed him, with her width of loin, uprightness and alertness.

Ian Hopwood, Reavesdale, said there were some good examples of the breed on display.

"It could have gone another way, another day," Mr Hopwood said.

He said both the ram and ewe would be used for breeding, as the stud was selling quite a few animals.

"I think the judge liked the weight on the Wiltipolls, that's something he was looking for, how the breed has improved over the years," he said.

Rams were going to commercial sheep producers for cross breeding.

"They are crossing them with some of the other shedding breeds," Mr Hopwood said.

"They are finding they are getting the hybrid vigour, as these are Downs breeds, so you get that, when you cross them."


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