Limited Yea yarding still sees solid prices

Little heifers buoyant at Yea | Photos


A local, winter market at Yea sells to local competition.


A small, well bred yarding at the monthly Yea store was lacking in weight, with feedlots struggling to purchase suitable stock, say agents.

Anthony Delaney, Rodwells, said it was a limited yarding, which was traditional for this time of year.

"The steer portion sold to strong demand," Mr Delaney said.

'But it was probably not as buoyant as recent sales.

"That was due to feedlotters and processors not being able to make a fair start, due to the lack of numbers and size."

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Most steers sold for between $3 and $3.20 a kilogram.

There was lighter demand for heifers, with the best making between $2.80-$2.90.

"One thing that was buoyant was the little heifers, which have previously been making $400," he said.

"This time, they made $500-$600 quite easily.

"It was a local winter market, selling to local competition."

The 870 head yarding featured a complete herd dispersal, by Ian and Liz Davies, of Charlewood Nominees, Woodstock.

The 70 x 70 Poll Hereford mixed aged cows and calves were redepastured to Wirruna and Glen Goulburn bulls on June 1.

The first pen of 19 x 19 cows and calves sold for $2030, with subsequent offerings of 10 x 10 going for $1940 and 16 x 17 for $1500.

Another pen of 15 x 15 cows and calves sold for $1200.

Woodstock also offered a pen of six PTIC heifers, 548kg, which sold for $1500.

Mr Davies said the Woodstock property would now go on the market.

"Liz's mother owned the property before we did, and we moved onto it in the early 70's," Mr Davies said.

Conditions had been become more challenging, as properties around the block had been developed for housing.

"When your body won't allow you to continue, you just have to get out," he said.

Mrs Davies said it was time to sell up, although it was a very sad day to be dispersing the herd.

"When you don't have any sons, or sons-in-law, that are interested, it's time to go," Mrs Davies.

"We have eight grandchildren, and we would perhaps like to travel a little bit."

Jamie Quinlan, Elders Yea, said the stock that was presented sold very well.

"There were a lot of backgrounders, the heaviest pen of weaners, 313kg, made $1160," Mr Quinlan said.

"A lot has changed in the last month and the last couple of weeks have really seen the job take off."

He said buyers from the Yarra Valley, Yea and Alexandra had regained confidence and were active.

J Hortin, Alexandra, offered seven x seven Hereford/Gelbveih cross cows and calves, with first calf at foot, making $1075 for the pen.

A second pen of six x six cows and calves fetched $1175.

Glenfiddich sold a pen of 10, rising two year old Angus PTIC heifers, bred by MPJ Nominees and joined to a Lawson's bull, for $1320.

A second pen of 10 sold for $1050.

AC & NS Grant, Narlga Downs, Deniliquin, sold 16, eight to 10 month old Blonde D'Aquitaine cross steers, 293kg, for $990, or 337c/kg.

Narlga Downs sold a second pen of 21, 296kg, for $1000, or 337c/kg.

The property's pen of 18 heifers, 276kg, sold for $905, or 327c/kg, while the second pen of 14, 263kg, sold for $840, or 319c/kg.

R Donkin sold seven steers, 459kg, for $1310, or 285c/kg.

C Griffiths, Homewood, sold nine Angus cross steers for $950, or 312c/kg.

P&C Carter, Monegeetta, sold six Angus steers, 263kg, for $970, or 368c/kg.

Melbourne Polytechnic sold three steers, 375kg, for $1150, or 306c/kg.

P Hill, New Gisborne, sold 12 Landfall blood steers, 271kg, for $895, or 330c/kg.

Tanpirr Farms, Narbethong, sold 11 steers, 313kg, for $1160, or 370c/kg.

Tanpirr's 14 heifers, 295kg, sold for $860, or 291c/kg.

Williamson Pastoral sold 13 steers, Conamarra Angus blood, 267kg, for $950, or 355c/kg.

Sawpit Rural, Homewood, sold eight 10-12 month old Paringa blood steers, 269kg, for $900, or 334c/kg.

Sawpit's 12 heifers, 252kg, sold for $680, or 269c/kg.


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