Heavier cattle supply starts to dry up

Prices of lighter cattle at Euroa pushed up


Lighter cattle attract bids on a small Euroa yarding.

HAPPY SELLERS: Yandra Farms, Gooram's Helen and Graham Cowin, with Brian Broughton at Euroa. Photo: Shan Gregory, Landmark, Euroa.

HAPPY SELLERS: Yandra Farms, Gooram's Helen and Graham Cowin, with Brian Broughton at Euroa. Photo: Shan Gregory, Landmark, Euroa.

A shortage of supply pushed up prices a Euroa, with local restockers bidding up on smaller cattle.

Elders Euroa agent, Lachie Williams, said about 680 head was yarded, mainly from the local area.

"Prices are definitely starting to rise on the smaller cattle, purely because there are a lot of restockers and feedlotters starting to buy, as the heavier cattle are not really around any more," Mr Williams said.

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There was strong demand for the smaller end of steers, with Salo Farms selling its first pen of 16, 228kg, for $840, or 368cents/kilogram.

A pen of two Salo Farms heifers, 392kg, sold for $1090, or 278c/kg.

"With a small yarding, and limited stock, the quality declined pretty quickly," Mr Williams said.

"The reason behind the small yarding was that a lot of people offloaded a lot of cattle, before the end of the financial year.

"Feedlotters were active on the heavier end, the restockers came in and competed on anything below 280kg."

He said steers sold to a strong to dearer market right the way through the sale.

Heavier heifers reached 312c/kg, with limited numbers e between 300-400kg.

"As quality was limited, smaller heifers between 220-280kg sold in according to quality," Mr Williams said.

Prices for light weight weaner cattle made the high 360c/kg range.

Steers 300-400kg made to 312 to 342c/kg, with weaner weight steers reaching 368c/kg.

Heifers over 350kg made to 312c/kg, while heifers in the weaner weight ranges made to 285c/kg.

Nolobahe sold a pen of 10 steers, 356kg, for $1200, or 337c/kg, with a second pen of seven, 316kg, for $1010, or 319c/kg.

Airwire sold a pen of 10 steers, 291c/kg, for $970, or 333c/kg

Among the heifers, Airwire's pen of 12, 286kg, sold $780, or 272c/kg and Nolobahe sold eight, 278kg, for $760, or 273c/kg.

McPherson & Rothenberger sold seven PTIC cows for $1400.

Buchanan Pastoral, Kelvin View, sold 21 Angus steers, Anvil and Connamara blood, 311kg, for $1000, or 321c/kg and another pen of 12, 352kg, for $1100, or 312c/kg.

RK and JE Washusen, Warrenbayne, sold 21 steers, 304kg, for $1040, or 342c/kg.

D&J Aikman, Toolamba, sold a pen of 18 Merridale blood Angus steers, 287kg, for $935, or 325c/kg.

Among the heifers, R&M Nelson sold a pen of eight, 320kg, for $1000, or 312c/kg.

Brad Gleeson, from Landmark Euroa, said there were not many lines of cattle, to quote on.

"It was a lot of bits and pieces, a real clean up, wintery, yarding," Mr Gleeson said.

But he said while feedlot activity was noticeably quiet, the better quality cattle sold well.

"Everyone can see they are not going to be able to find them, later on," he said.

Conditions had been milder, last week, and Mr Gleeson said it felt like spring.

"You can see the grass growing," he said.

"If we get a bit of moisture in August, the season will be all right, although the dams still aren't full," he said.

"We need a wet August if we get a wet August, and a bit of moisture, who knows what will happen?"

Among the steer portion of the sale, W Shellie sold 15, 323kg, for $985, or 304c/kg.

Villa Brae, Creighton's Creek, sold a pen of nine, 312kg, for $1000, or 320c/kg and second pen of three, 442kg, for $1280, or 289c/kg.

Joshma Park, Euroa, sold a pen of 12 Angus steers, Scott's blood, 292kg, for $870, or 308c/kg and the second pen of heavier steers, 442kg, for $1280, or 289c/kg.

Yandra Farms, Gooram, sold 13 heifers, 553kg, for $1210, or 218c/kg.

Markbert P/L, sold 10 Angus heifers, 82kg, for $805 or 285c/kg.

Among the cows and calves, K&L Dean sold 6x6 Angus cows, with third Angus CAF, for $1550.

Yandra farms also sold 16 PTIC Angus cows, depastured to Boonaroo and Merridale Angus bulls for $1440.


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