Wycheproof sheep firm on last sale on good demand

Wycheproof sheep firm on last sale on good demand


The Wycheproof sheep sale saw most descriptions of sheep sell to firm demand.


Despite the current lamb market, bidding lacked the excitement expected, however values were firm at Wycheproof's store sale on Friday.

The first sale at the centre since the April sale and the only venue for live auction of store sheep, Wycheproof vendors and Elders yarded a quality penning of around 6000 mainly first-cross and Merino sheep.

Elders stock agent Sam Crow, Wycheproof, said competition was spread including from Donald, Hopetoun, Charlton, Warracknabeal, Swan Hill, Kilmore, Ballarat, Rainbow, Ouyen, Stawell, Gordon, Hamilton, Bendigo, and Hay, NSW.

There were plenty of people looking at the market with a view to sell.

Mr Crow said the yarding stood up "very well".

"We have a good season locally," he said.

Mr Crow said the best of the scanned-in-lamb (SIL), first-cross ewes sold mainly from $220 to $262 a head, with a top of $296.

Merino ewes SIL sold well, while a small yarding of Merino wethers sold to $134.

Mr Crow said the tops of the wethers weighed around 16.5 to 17 kilograms, April-shorn, and would be fattened up in a feedlot for sale.

Taking pride of place in the first run was a line of ewes and lambs forwarded by Allan Coatsworth and family, Wycheproof, and comprised 149 first-cross ewes, May 2017-drop, September-shorn, with 150 White Suffolk lambs at foot. The line was bought by TB White & sons account, Ballarat.

Eversley Farms presented the next pen, comprising 135 first-cross ewes, May 2015-drop, July-shorn, SIL to White Suffolks, 106 multiples and 29 singles. The pen sold for $262 to Elders Kilmore.

Strathmore sold a pen of 104 first-cross ewes, April/May 2016-drop, September-shorn, SIL to Poll Dorsets, for $250 to TB White & Sons, while Elders Rainbow bought a small line of 43 by the same vendor for $258.

Rodwells Stawell paid $296 for a pen of 189 first-cross ewes, June 2018-drop, June-shorn, SIL, sold by MG & JA Farley.

Norm Weir offered a draft from his northern property, with 172 first-cross ewe lambs, August/September 2018-drop, NSM, selling for $264 to Elders Bendigo.

A consignment from Epworth Nominees included a draft of 292 first-cross ewes, August/September 2018-drop, June-shorn, NSM, that sold to Landmark Ballarat.

The next pen from the same vendor comprised 145 that sold for $200 to Elders Donald.

The same vendor also offered Merino ewe lambs with 293, NSM, selling for $196.

The best of the 2018-drop Merino ewes was a draft of 118 sold by L & R Plant, that sold to $234 to Elders Hay, NSW.

The Plant sheep were Tameluca blood, September-shorn, and a second line of 76, same description, sold for $196 to Elders Ouyen.

A couple of pens of Dohne sheep came forward from Sambud with 285, August/September 2017-drop, depastured to White Suffolk rams, selling for $215 to Elders Wycheproof.

First lines of the Merino ewe section started with a line of 292 June/July 2017-drop ewes, November-shorn, SIL to White Suffolks, Kerrin Poll blood, selling by Boigbeat West. This pen sold for $250 to Elders Warracknabeal.

A second pen of 140, same description and vendor, sold for $235.

M Ryan sold 180 Merino ewes, June/July 2017-drop, April-shorn, and SIL to White Suffolk rams, for $246 to Elders Wycheproof.

Bright Future offered a couple of lines of older Merino ewes with 97 ewes, 2015-drop, March-shorn, making $170. These were SIL to Border Leicester rams and sold to Landmark Swan Hill.

From the same breeder was a line of 156 Merino ewes, May 2014-drop, March-shorn, that sold for $162.

A pen of 90 Merino ewes, 2017-drop, May-shorn, sold by Forest Springs and SIL to White Suffolks, sold for $188 to Landmark Birchip, while their sisters, 2014/16-drop, sold for $162 to Elders Kilmore.

MJ & SL Foott sold 208 Merino ewes, June/July 2018-drop, Yanco blood, December-shorn, for $192 to St Arnaud.

Tops of the wethers was forwarded by Ormonde Farms and was a pen of 248 April-shorn Merino wethers, August/September 2018-drop, that sold for $134 to Elders Bendigo.

A second pen of 128, same description, sold for $100 to Elders Charlton.


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