Ballarat prices leap as buyer inquiry jumps

Ballarat prices leap as buyer inquiry jumps


A huge crowd was on hand at the June Ballarat store sale with a flood of buying orders bumping up prices.


A huge crowd was on hand at the June Ballarat store sale with a flood of buying orders bumping up prices compared to the May sale.

The run of grown steers to start found common ground at around 318-330 cents a kilogram, to a top of 346c/kg.

Best on a liveweight basis was a pen of 17 Angus steers, sold account Kelso,14-16 months, Anvil blood, weighing 395kg and selling for 346 c/kg or $1370 a head.

A second line of 12 weighing 461kg sold for 332c/kg or $1530.

Tilliedale Pty Ltd sold drafts of Angus steers, 16 months, Te Mania blood, 443kg, to a top of 332c/kg or $1470. The same vendor sold nine steers, 410kg for 317c/kg.

Crossroads Angus consigned a draft that included 14 steers, 434kg, that made to 332c/kg or $1440.

A second, lighter draft weighing 377kg sold for 331c/kg or $1250.

K P Maher & Sons offered a draft of Angus steers, 16 months, Franc blood, 466kg, that sold to a top of 330c/kg or $1540.

Angus steers, 500kg, sold account CW Fawcett sold for 329c/kg or $1645 for a pen of seven.

Carrahil sold 13 Angus steers, 492kg for 329c/kg or $1620.

K & J Germaine, The Breen, Romsey, received 330c/kg for a pen of 14 steers, 472kg, or $1560, while Barringa Pastoral also posted 330c/kg for 10 steers, 448kg, or $1370.

Angus steers sold account Lara were offered in two pens with the lighter penning of nine, 375kg, making 325c/kg or $1220, while the pen of 12 weighing 429 made 324c/kg or $1390.

In the Hereford offering, S Cottrell presented three pens weighing from 398 to 443kg; the heaviest pen made 329c/kg or $1460.

A well-finished pen of 11 Hereford steers sold account GR Anderson, 405kg, made $1250, or 308c/kg.

There was a large consignment of Hereford and Hereford-cross steers sold account Nria.

These weighed in between 329-425kg, and sold mostly from $1020-$1350.

HR Robb forwarded a line of 18 Hereford steers, 493kg, that made $1560 or 317c/kg.

A good quality draft came forward from Nebpak Enterprises, with its best on a liveweight basis being 329c/kg for a pen of 20 Hereford steers, 446kg, selling for 329c/kg or $1470.

The same vendor had 15 steers, 481kg, making 318c/kg or $1530.

Angus weaners sold account Nectarbrook weighing 342kg made $1160 or 339c/kg.

In the heifer yarding, the tops were forwarded from KP Maher and Sons, Springbank, with 15 weighing 443kg making 309c/kg or $1370.

W Fawcett's heifers sold to a top of 303c/kg for 11 weighing 438kg, or $1330.

A second line of 16 slightly heavier at 482kg sold for 298c/kg or $1440,

The heifer portion of the Kelso draft saw the tops sell to 302c/kg for 17 weighing 421kg or $1270.

A second line of 16 heifers weighing 361kg sold for 299c/kg or $1080.

There was a better quality penning of cows and calves this month including a line of 13 sold account GR Anderson for $1360.


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