Feedlotters push prices along at Leongatha

Feedlotters push prices along at Leongatha

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Heifers shone as prices lifted, on strong feedlot competition at Leongatha.


A smaller yarding at Leongatha saw good quality heifers sought by feedlotters, with prices slightly higher on last fortnight's sale.

About 2800 head of steers, heifers, cows and calves were yarded.

Damien Minogue, Elders, said strong feedlot competition saw quality cattle sell extremely well.

"The feeder steers were selling from 290-320 cents a kilogram, but once you got down onto the non descript cattle, they were 200-250c/kg, depending on weight and quality," Mr Minogue said.

"Numbers were down on last sale, so it was probably a fraction better in spots.

"There weren't quite as many to pick from, so they were marginally dearer.

"The plainer, rougher cattle were still hard to move."

Demand for feedlots was still strong, so stock sold accordingly.

"The feedlotters have taken the top end out, but there were certainly plenty of producers buying to put back into the paddock," he said.

Agents said a lot of the cattle were starting to show the effects of the season.

Terry Ginnane, Landmark, said lighter weight, better calves, made around the 300c/kg mark.

"Light crossbreds and Friesians were quite cheap, maybe 200c/kg," Mr Ginnane said.

"Heifers sold very well, they were probably the ones; the best heifers could have been 20c/kg dearer.

"Quality always helps, feedlot competition on heifers with weight was very strong."

Brian McCormack, Landmark, said the better end cattle sold very well

"Cattle with weight and size, ideal for the feeder competition, sold very, very well," Mr McCormack said.

"As soon as you got past them, the lighter, plainer cattle were a bit easier."

He agreed heifer prices were above expectations.

"We had a good run of big black heifers, which were well above expectations," he said.

"They would have made 280-290c/kg but you would have probably thought they should have made 260c/kg."

Steers between 400-500kg made around 300c/kg with some pens up to 325c/kg.

"The feedlots are probably working on what the numbers will be in three months' time," he said.

Among the Angus steers, Von Pace Pastoral, Giffard West, sold more than 100 cattle, ranging around the 400kg mark.

Their first pen of 20, 418kg, sold for $1390, or 332c/kg, while another 14, averaging 384kg, sold for $1250, or 325c/kg.

Von Pace made $1280, or 336c/kg, for a pen of 21, averaging 380kg.

J Mason, Fish Creek, sold 12 Angus/Hereford-cross steers, 455kg, for $1400, or 307c/kg.

S& R Castello, Thorpdale, sold its first pen of 11 steers, 360kg, for $1090, or 302c/kg, while 13 lighter steers, 296kg, went for $910, or 307c/kg.

Another pen of 16 9-10-month-old Castello, Thorpdale, Angus/Charolais-cross steers, Paringa blood, 355kg, sold for $1050 or 295c/kg.

Bombala, NSW, producer TV & LM Moreing sold a pen of 15 10-11-month-old steers, 335kg, for $1000, or 298c/kg.

W Berry, Wonthaggi, sold 19 steers, 349kg, for $1050, or 100c/kg.

P Kostos, Darnum, sold 16 crossbred steers, 397kg, for $890, or 224c/kg.

Among the heifers, Jill Rattle, Whitelaw, sold a pen of 12, 385kg, for $1140, or 296c/kg.

McCrae Pastoral, Goorambil, Inverloch, sold 36 heifers, 398kg, for $1110, or 278c/kg.

EU-accredited heifers, offered by DJ and KM Kuch, Darriman, Landfall and Rennylea blood, 395kg, sold for $1170, or 296c/kg.

A second pen of 22, 332kg, sold for $920, or 277c/kg.

T&M Neesham sold 16, 366kg, for $1110, or 303c/kg, while GK Dorling sold 12, 400kg, for $1140, or 285c/kg.


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