Feedlots again underpin Pakenham store market

Feedlot activity helped drive prices slightly higher at Pakenham


Rain is yet to translate into producer demand at Pakenham.


Feedlots have driven prices at the fortnightly Pakenham store cattle market higher.

The major feedlots were active on the yarding of about 1725 steers and heifers, and 36x27 cows and calves.

Carlo Taranto, Elders Pakenham, said there was still strong demand for the better-bred cattle.

"Those heavier, feeder type steers would have been up to 10 cents a kilogram dearer in places," Mr Taranto said.

"The secondary cattle are the ones we are finding a bit tough to sell."

Stock was drawn from the Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland and the Yarra Valley.

Mr Taranto said the better end of cattle were selling between 310-315c/kg.

David Setches, Alex Scott & Staff, said feedlot interest was stronger than the last fortnight.

"One of the major feedlotters bought four loads, and I reckon some of those feeder cattle were into 315-320c/kg," Mr Setches said.

"They were certainly buying cattle like there was no tomorrow.

"Some in the steers around 320-350kg made up to 340c/kg, so that could be 30c/kg better than the last sale."

He said there was minimal agent support, with a lot of lighter cattle showing the effects of the season.

"People just aren't prepared to take the risk of buying them, they have no hay and they are looking at them as a liability," he said.

Les Seeley, Everitt Seeley & Bennetts, said it was a lighter yarding, with a small percentage of grown steers to suit feedlot inquiry.

"As a result, we witnessed an improvement of 10-12c/kg, or $50-$60 a head on these cattle," Mr Seeley said.

"The plainer, lighter grades showed little improvement, barely holding firm on previous rates."

Among the sale toppers was a pen of 14 steers, 394kg, from King Parrot Creek Farm, Drouin, which sold for $1280, or 324c/kg.

Its second pen of 19 steers, 471kg, sold for $1520, or 322c/kg.

Kalista Park, Yea, sold 12 district-bred steers, 491kg, for $1500, or 305c/kg, to Hopkins River Feedlot.

Yarrawah, Healesville, sold nine East Gippsland bred steers, 380kg, for $1080, or 284c/kg.

Langley Park, Glengarry, sold 13 steers, 354kg, for $1000, or 282c/kg, while its pen of 12 heifers, 310kg, went for $780, or 251c/kg.

Garrett Park, Glengarry, sold a pen of 17 Innisdale and Pinora blood steers for $690, while its 17 heifers went for $560.

Piedmont Investments received $1430 for eight steers, 502kg, or 284c/kg.

Braidl Pastoral, Langley, sold 17 steers, 492kg, for $1500 or 304c/kg.

R&B Weinzierl, Cardina, sold a pen of nine steers, 508kg for $1560, or 307c/kg.

Boyds Point Pastoral, Shoreham, sold 12 steers, 483kg, for $1510, or 312c/kg.

Manyung Lodge, Mt Eliza, sold 15 Ballarat-bred steers, 501kg, for $1550, or 309c/kg.

J&W Forrest, Malmsbury, sold five steers, 273kg, for $760, or 278c/kg, and a further pen of eight heifers, 278kg, for $615, or 221c/kg.

H Sheather, Bunyip, made $1260 for a pen of eight steers, 393kg, or 302c/kg, and a pen of seven heifers, 342kg, for $920, or 269c/kg.


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