Milk production fall accelerates

Australian milk production fall accelerates with April production down 13.7 per cent


Australian milk production continues to decline with double-digit drops recorded for the first four months of the year.


The fall in Australian milk production this season is accelerating, according to the latest figures from Dairy Australia.

The April national figures reveal milk production was 13.7 per cent lower than the same month last year.

Year-to-date production is now 7.3pc lower than last year.

The first four months of this year have seen double-digit drops in milk production across Australia, in the wake of drought, high feed prices and soaring water prices.

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The latest figures show big declines in April in NSW (down 16.5pc), Victoria (down 15.5pc) and Queensland (down 9.4pc).

Tasmania and South Australia, which had been bright spots, also suffered big declines, down 10.7pc and 7.1pc respectively.

But year-to-date figures for those states are more positive with SA production at the same point as last year and Tasmania up 1.6pc.

In NSW year-to-date production is down 10.4pc, while Victoria is down 8.7pc year-to-date.

The figures also reveal the continued decline in the Queensland industry, down 10.3pc year-to-date to confirm its new status as Australia's smallest milk producer.

Northern Victoria continues to hemorrhage with milk production there down 28.5pc in April to bring production to 18.8pc down year-to-date.

Gippsland also suffered a big drop in April (down 10.8pc) while Western Victorian production was down 4.7pc.

Western Australian production was down 3.4pc for April and 2.6pc year to date.

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