Steers with weight sell best at Warrnambool

Steers with weight sell best at Warrnambool


Steers with weights above 400kg were keenly sought after at Warrnambool.


A good quality yarding of 1850 cattle at Warrnambool sold to strong demand, particularly for cattle with weight.

The Warrnambool Stock Agents Association's monthly sale was held in cold and wet conditions but that did not deter buyers looking for quality cattle.

A highlight of the first run was a consignment of 190 Angus steers by Chas and Cass Kimpton, Toora West, Glenthompson.

Feedlotters in particular were keen to source the draft that weighed up to 459 kilograms, with the heaviest selling for 323 cents a kilogram, or $1480 a head.

A second pen of 20 also made 323c/kg or $1422.

Limestone Ridge sold two pens of Angus steers, 12 months, with the heaviest weighing 446kg, selling for 312c/kg or $1391.

Overall, heavy steers sold from 302-323c/kg, while lighter steers made 270-295c/kg.

C and M Fox forwarded a pen of heavy Angus steers, 505kg, that sold for 302c/kg, or $1525.

The Rocky sold nine steers, 16-18 months, weighing 494kg, for 305c/kg or $1509, while JL and LK Campbell sold nine Angus steers, weighing 373kg, for 308c/kg, or $1148.

The same vendor's heifer portion weighed 358kg and made 266c/kg, or $952.

BP and MA Smith sold 18 Angus steers, 370kg, for 308c/kg or $1139, while the Estate of Mrs SH Panozzo sold 18 Angus steers, 352kg, for 313c/kg or $1101.

In the un-weighed section, steer prices ranged from $770-$860, with smaller steers selling from $580-$770.

Light steers were quoted at $450-$580.

Heifers met strong demand selling from 250-283c/kg, with most around the 250-260c/kg mark.

In the open auction section, heifers sold from $500-$600, with lighter heifers selling between $420-$500.

Warrnambool Stock Agents Association president Kieran Johnstone said the quality of the yarding was absolutely terrific.

Mr Johnstone said considering the season and the broken selling weeks the yarding presented "very well".

"The first row of steers were very good and sold very well," he said.

"Prices for those cattle were firm on the sale a month ago.

"All the feedlotters were here and mostly active; the sale was well supported."

The cows and calves sold at dearer rates due to the "genuine dispersal" offering, he said.

"The Jamie Simpson, Brucknell Park cattle was a great line-up and a credit to the Simpson family," he said.

Mr Johnstone said the well-bred, weighed cattle sold well.

He said the buy of the day was the line-up of Friesian steers.

A feature of the sale was the dispersal of 95 head of Angus cows and calves by Jamie Simpson, Brucknell Park, Lang.

Top pen was a line of heifers that sold for $1900, while most sold between $1625-$1900.

Most other cows and calves sold between $1200-$1400.

Rod Mills, Wentworth Close, Terang, sold a total of 35 Angus heifers, with 20 weighing 320kg selling for 258c/kg or $825.

The lighter sisters weighing 293kg made 252c/kg or $738.

R Learmonth received 252c/kg for 15 Angus heifers, 357kg, or $899, while A and K Daroon had a small pen of five Angus heifers that weighed 374kg and sold for 254c/kg or $949.

There was a large draft of Friesian steers sold by Mancara; the line was 12 to 16 months-old, store condition, mostly weighing between 291-309kg, and prices ranged from 148-150c/kg.


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