Sam Kekovich's call to arms to support dairy farmers

Sam Kekovich kicks in to support dairy farmers and regional communities

RALLY: Sam Kekovich calls on the public to support the dairy industry and regional communities.

RALLY: Sam Kekovich calls on the public to support the dairy industry and regional communities.


The dairy industry has enlisted Sam Kekovich to rally support.


Sam Kekovich's latest video sensation is the catalyst for a call to action for the public to support dairy farmers and their local communities.

Mr Kekovich, the Farmer Power ambassador, says in his latest Facebook video that one of the biggest single election issues was the stark issue of "our iconic dairy industry".

"Unless we react very, very quickly, and our politicians make the necessary adjustments, our food security is under threat, the quality of milk you and I take for granted is under threat and the quality of life is under threat," he said.

"This is a call to arms. I want you to point your finger at your politician and ask him what he is going to do," Mr Kekovich said.

Farmer Power chief executive Garry Kerr said the latest campaign was about raising awareness of the plight of dairy farmers with the general public.

Mr Kerr said people needed to ask their politicians what their policies were.

He said a mandatory code for dairy was essential to bring back the balance.

Dairy farmers were "packing up and walking off the farm, he said.

"If we lose the dairy industry we are in deep trouble," he said.

Sam Kekovich was extremely serious about dairy farmers and the industry and "he wears his heart on his sleeve".

Mr Kerr said regional communities were also severely impacted.

He said Farmer Power was working with Dairy Connect in NSW.

Issues included dumping of cheese in Australia, labeling laws, power prices, council rates and irrigation water pricing and availability.

Mr Kerr said Farmer Power had met with both federal government and opposition regarding their policies.


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