Feeder steers carry the weight of market

Feeder cattle dominate big yarding at Leongatha

QUALITY: Richard Crooke, Holy Plains, Rosedale, with agent Gordon Conners, sold 33 Angus steers at Leongatha to $1330.

QUALITY: Richard Crooke, Holy Plains, Rosedale, with agent Gordon Conners, sold 33 Angus steers at Leongatha to $1330.


Disruptive selling weeks in the next fortnight saw Leongatha yarding jump.


Coming disruptive market selling weeks and dry weather saw a big yarding of cattle come forward for Thursday's Leongatha store sale.

With Easter and Anzac Day, vendors were faced with either waiting four weeks or offloading early and many took the second option.

Agents yarded slightly more than 4000 cattle, well above the advertised 2200, with 2219 steers and 1420 heifers making up the vast majority of the yarding.

Landmark auctioneer Brian McCormack said the highlight of the big yarding was the line up of feeder type cattle.

He said these cattle that were ideal feeder types sold well under good competition from a gallery of feedlotters.

These cattle were in the 380 to 550 kilogram range selling to 315 cents a kilogram and were 5-10c/kg dearer than the previous sale

Feedlotters present included JBS, Hopkins River, Charlton and O'Connors.

Mr McCormack said the big yarding was also the result of the season with conditions dry for the time of year.

"Rather than hang off people decided to send cattle in," he said.

Cattle were consigned from across South and East Gippsland as well as a major vendor from Benambra.

Assisting the feedlotters was a smaller number of local grass fatteners.

He said the locals had been able to sell bullocks at good values and were then looking to replace them with younger calves.

Given the size of the yarding the sale was solid across the board, Mr McCormack said.

R & C Jackson, Strzelecki, sold 11 grown Angus steers, weighing 570kg, that topped at $1800 a head or 315c/kg.

Other tops of the heavier end of the market were M Dean, Flynn, with 12 steers that sold for $1710, and MV & DR Dunn, Kernot, who sold 23 steers, 550kg, that made $1700 or 309ckg and 16 steers, 488kg, that sold for $1530 or 313c/kg.

O'Loughlin Pastoral, Tarwin Lower, forwarded a good line of steers with the top pen of 21, 481kg, making $1460 or 303c/kg and a second pen of 16, 457kg that sold for $1370 or 299c/kg.

Andrew and Stuart Kilsby, Jasmel Nominees, Tarwin Lower, sold 62 Angus steers to a top of $1440.

The top of these was a pen of 15 weighing 470kg that sold for $1440, or 306c/kg.

L & D Osborne, Glengarry, sold 18 Angus steers, 18 months, that made $1440 or 316c/kg.

Major vendors included Hedley Downs, Binginwarri, who sold 101 Hereford steers to a top of $1250, averaging $1095.

Of the weaner offering the main vendor was CJ Pendergast, Omeo Station, Benambra, who consigned Angus and Angus/Hereford-cross steers and heifers.

This was the second year the Pendergast sold in Leongatha. Agent James Kyle, Elders, said the cattle presented well, weighing around 260 to 340kg.

The top of the Pendergast steers was a pen of 25, weighing 331kg, that made $1210.

Malabar Farms, Tarwin Lower, forwarded 19 Hereford steers, 14-16 months, that weighed 403kg and made $1250 or 310c/kg.

In the heifer section NR & SS Constantine, Buffalo, sold nine to a top of $1180 and a second pen of 15 for $1040.

DA & SJ King, Flynn sold 10 at $1150 while the best of the Pendergast heifers was a pen of 17 that made $990.

The tops of the Hedley Downs heifer portion was a pen of eight that made $1000 while the heifer draft from Malabar Farms made to $920 for a pen of 10.

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