Tag rules ramped up in saleyards

Sheep tag rules ramped up for saleyards, processors and interstate sheep

TAGS: Rules and performance levels for eID tags have ramped up.

TAGS: Rules and performance levels for eID tags have ramped up.


New rules are now in force for eID of sheep entering saleyards, processing works and for sheep born outside Victoria.


Saleyards and processors must now meet increased action and performance levels linked to electronic identification of sheep and goats.

New National Livestock Identification System standards came into force from March 31 this year.

Agriculture Victoria manager livestock traceability Ben Fahy said that as of March 31, the "action levels" for scanning of eID tagged sheep in saleyards had been raised from 85 per cent to 90pc.

Mr Fahy said all saleyards that had been selling since the introduction of eID were already performing at 90pc.

However the new rules meant that if "a lot" of sheep at the saleyards were not scanning above 90pc, corrective action, such as application of post-breeder tags, or rescanning was required.

Under recent changes, Victorian producers who purchase lambs from interstate that were born after January 1 this year must apply an electronic pink post-breeder tag before those animals left their property, unless already eID tagged.


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