Halls Gap Zoo goes up for sale

Greg and Yvonne Culell list Halls Gap Zoo for sale

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Greg and Yvonne Cullel.

Greg and Yvonne Cullel.


Ever wanted to buy a zoo? This could be your chance.


If you have ever wanted to buy a zoo now is your chance.

Halls Gap Zoo owners Greg and Yvonne Culell have confirmed they are selling the popular tourist site after 12 years of ownership.

The pair put the zoo on the market on Thursday, March 21 with a price tag of $5.5 million.

Mr Culell said the decision to sell the zoo was for he and Yvonne to settle down.

"People who run a small business understand how much work goes into it. You can say why don't you just employ someone else to run it but there is that emotional tie to it," Mr Culell said.

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"When you work hard at a business for a long time it is hard to let go and the only way to break that habit is a clean cut."

Mr Culell said it is hard to pick just one thing he is proud of, with plenty changing in the time he and Yvonne have owned the business.

"When we took over it was a tiny little rundown wildlife park. Now we have 20 employees, spend about $100,000 in advertising a year and contribute quite a significant amount to the growing economy in the Grampians region," he said.

"Through all the ups and downs consistent growth in business is probably something we are also really proud of. Since we have owned the zoo we have seen two major bushfires and a major flood."

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The business sale includes everything at the zoo.

"Vehicles, animals, everything is for sale," Mr Culell said.

"You also don't need to be an expect to buy it - just someone with a bit of business acumen and that's it."

More to come.

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