Feeders lift their rates at Wodonga

How much might feeders pay for steers when it does rain?


Export processor-backed feeder orders have upped the ante on suitable cattle to feed at Wodonga store cattle sale


Export processor-backed feeder orders upped the ante on suitable cattle to feed at a Wodonga store cattle sale of 1964 head at NVLX Barnawartha on Thursday.

Competing for a small handful of suitable feeder types the processor-backed feeder orders stumped up an average of 300 to 310c/kg for suitable steers to feed while heifer rates were lifted to 265 to 275c/kg.

As a consequence an eager body of alliance feeders, feeding mostly for the domestic trade, shopped at levels under desired entry weights in a yarding that offered only a limited number of large breeder lines.

The market for these slightly lighter and sometimes plainer-bodied mid-weighted cattle saw rate rises in the order of 20-25c/kg live weight, to capture prices in the 255 to 280c/kg range compared to 220 to 250c/kg paid in the fortnight earlier sale.

The sale, which was conducted by the independent agents group comprising Rodwells-RPL, Corcoran Parker, BUR Livestock and Schubert Boers, was attended by a modest field of local northeast and northern Victorian restocker buyers.

Northern interstate competition, which was anticipated on to attend on the back of a forecast for rain, did not materialize however.

Heavy steers weighed from 360 to 450kg made $1025 to $1150 and averaged 298c/kg while steers, 280-360kg, made $730 to $1060, av 279c/kg.

Lighter steers, 200-280kg, made $540 to $830 a head and also averaged 279c/kg.

The market for heifers trekked similar lines with the lead of the heavier drafts sold in a 270-278c/kg range while lighter heifers, 280-360kg, made $740- $960/head, average 261c/kg.

Included in the penning was a sizable number of light, young calves weighed between 140 and 230kg. These met solid speculator competition selling from $350 to $550, with an isolated sale to $715 for a large one mark line of well-bred Angus heifers presented fresh condition.


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