Cheaper but solid prices for Powranna weaners

Powranna weaner prices cheaper, nearing parity to the mainland

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Prices eased across the board at the third of Powranna's annual weaner sales.


Prices eased across the board at the third of the annual weaner calf sales for 2019 held at Powranna, Tasmania, on Thursday. 

As was the case with the first two sales, the quality of the yarding was outstanding and an absolute credit to the vendors, according to the Meat & Livestock Australia report of the market.

The vast majority were Angus-bred from the north-east, Northern Midlands, Southern Midlands and some from the deep south.

The report said steer prices were a little easier, but the well-bred lines held up very well.

The sale of 2110, which was conducted by Roberts Limited, sold heavy steer calves from $950 to $1150 a head, to average 310 cents a kilogram.

Medium steer weaners made $800-$1090, to average 320c/kg, while lightweight steer weaners made $600-$940 or 325c/kg. 

Roberts Limited auctioneer Warren Johnston agreed the quality of the yarding was outstanding.

"It was possibly the best yarding for quality that we've put under the roof," Mr Johnston said.

"About 86 per cent of the yarding were black cattle and it was truly a sight to behold.

"There was plenty of good weight, the calves were fresh and there was plenty of local interest."

He said prices were slightly off the pace of previous markets.

"But the rate for steers sat at a solid 300-310c/kg across the board, while most of the heifers to finish made 240-260c/kg, with those returning to the bull making 270-280c/kg," he said.

"And there was good interest for heifers as future breeders."

The official report said the heifer market, which contained a selection of well-bred lines from renowned properties suitable to become breeders, performed well.

But the rest in the heifer market were sold at cheaper rates as the dry autumn played its part.

The few heavy heifers penned made $880-$900, averaging 234c/kg, while medium weights made $650-$1100 or 280c/kg, and lightweights made $520-$820, averaging 250c/kg.

Additionally, there were a few very light heifers yarded at Powranna.

These made from $420-$430, the MLA report said.


Meanwhile, the annual Cleveland Pastoral Estate on-property weaner sale yet again delivered another solid result for the Shoobridge family, based in southern Tasmania.

Roberts Limited reported a total clearance of 863 black and Black Baldy mixed-sex Angus weaners that were sold for an average of $760 a head.

The steer portion of the Cleveland offering, comprising 577 head, made to $1060 and averaged $875.40, while 286 heifers topped at $610 and averaged $537.


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