Cheaper but Tassie price bubble continues

Tasmania's store cattle market price bubble continues at Powranna


Although cheaper, Tasmanian cattle breeders are being well paid compared to their north island neighbors.


Although cheaper, the Tasmanian store cattle market continues to live in a price bubble compared to the mainland.

Last week's market at Powranna, which had the added benefit of some unsuccessful mainland support, saw prices for heavy steer weaners average 5 cents a kilogram lower, while smaller backgrounder steers traded 10-15 c/kg cheaper.

Light, younger steer weaners overall averaged 40c/kg or $60-$80 a head less.

However, in spite of concerns now being raised about the Tasmanian season, most of the usual north, north-west and north-east coast grass-finishers supported the market, albeit with more cautious bidding.

Heavy yearling-off and weaner steers, 360-450kg, made $1000-$1280, average 312c/kg, while weaner steers, 300-360kg, made $970-$1270, av 340c/kg.

Lighter backgrounder steer weaners, 240-300kg, made $810-$1030, av 338c/kg, while younger weaners made $670-$860, av 326c/kg.

Elders auctioneer Alan Perry said given the conditions elsewhere in the country, sellers would naturally be happy with the sale outcome.

"The cattle were fresh, they carried good weight and bloom and in comparison they weren't all that much different to 12 months ago," Mr Perry said.

He said this was especially the case for the top-end of the market, where repeat buyers went head-to-head on selected lines.

The heifer market, which also traded above mainland rates, lost 10-12c/kg at the better-end of the market, and up to 25c/kg on the small and younger lines.

Heavy heifers were sold to a top of $1130, medium weights, 300-360kg, made $810-$930, av 272c/kg, while lighter heifers 240-300kg made $620-$790, av 267c/kg.

The market top of $1280 was shared by Denis Bassett, Glenmore, selling 15 Angus steers, 388kg, and FJV & HM Scott, Woodsdale, with the sale of five Simmental-cross steers, 456kg.

Close behind at the price of $1270, ST Scott & Son, The Rocks, sold 15 Angus steers, 360kg, and GA & DE Geale, Stonehenge, sold 17 Angus steers, 361kg.

At the top of the heifer sales, EW Broadhurst & Son, Targa, sold nine Angus heifers, 420kg, at $1130.

Also sold at the same money was four Murray Grey heifers, 432kg, prepared by IL & SM French, Corraville.

A pen of eight Sandfly Limousin heifers, 405kg, sold at $1120, while Robert A Hall, Fairbanks, sold 10 Angus heifers, 362kg, at $960.

The market's largest sellers included Winston & Bridget Archer, Effingham, George Town, Tas, who offered 167 Angus steers, av $750 (225kg), while Noel & Mary Clear, Gaters, Bracknell, Tas, sold 160 Angus (101 steers, 59 heifers) av $854 (266kg).

The Scott family, The Rocks, White Hills, Tas, sold 160 Angus (122 steers, 38 heifers) av $988 (298kg), while John Mundy, Bona Vista, Fingal Valley, Tas, sold 109 Angus and Angus-cross steers, av $855 (264kg)

Geoff & K Hall, Meadsfield, Bothwell, Tas, sold 110 Angus/Hereford-cross (59 steers, 51 heifers) av $836 (271kg).

The market's volume buyers were JL Dart, Wynyard, Tas, who bought 297 steers, Tas Feedlot, Powranna, Tas, who bought 140 steers, G Wigg & Son, Marrawah, Tas, who bought 126 steers and 49 heifers, and Ian L & H Johnson, Preston, Tas, who bought 120 steers.


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