Live export boosts Omeo Hereford sale

Live export boosts Omeo Hereford sale


Two orders for live export created fantastic prices at Omeo.


Omeo's Hereford sale on Wednesday afternoon wrapped up what was a big two days of selling at the Mountain Calf Sales.

As numerous high country producers had already sold their calves due to the extended drought in the district, Elders' yarding of Hereford steers and heifers was restricted to just 1471 head.

Bert and Brendan Ah Sam, Omeo, won Hereford Australia's best presented pen of steers, for their first pen of steers, that sold for $1170 a head.

It was a credit to all of the producers to hold their cattle until these sales, having supplementary fed their cattle.

The cost of buying hay, and other supplements, was very costly, but beneficial to some producers.

The first lane of steers were in very good condition, offering the top drafts of P&C Faithfull, S&S Lawlor, R&C Foster, McCoy Farms, and A&B Flannagan.

All of these vendors sold steers for $1000 or more, with P&C Faithfull achieving $1180 for their first pen.

Included in the buying of the top run of steers were bullock fatteners, supermarket chain, Coles, buying for one of their premium customers, and Greenham's for their Never Ever program.

This competition aided some solid results, which added to a solid price average for the 926 steers penned, of $777.

Away from the very top prices, competition was much more subdued for the next run of steers, with most selling between $650-$850.

One example of this difference was the 125 Hereford steers of AJ&BJ Ah Sam.

Their top two pens sold for $1000 and $1170, but the balance of their steers sold between $675-$750.

The $250 difference between their second and third pen was not due to a big difference in weight.

Several of the producers sold their full drop of 2018 born steers, which included a number of younger calves.

CW Scott & Company, Hinnomunjie Station, sold 120 steers from $495-$770.

This price range covered that of most other vendors selling younger cattle, although a few pens of 4-5 month-old steers sold upwards of $395.

The feature of this sale was the competition between two buyers for Hereford heifers, for two competing live export orders.

The follow on from the Ensay sale, earlier in the morning, put smiles on the faces of accepting producers.

Producer members of Herefords Australia, using bulls from nominated Hereford studs, were paid above the odds because of this competition.

The heifers had to weigh over 280kg liveweight, and buyers fought over suitable pens to pay from $800-$1090 for several pens.

This equated to liveweight equivalent prices between 280-325c/kg.

However, it was then back to reality, when the proffered weight and breeding was not available, and most other heifers sold between $350-$680.

A premium was paid for the traditional Strawberry Roan, Shorthorn-Hereford heifers.

These sold to a top of $870 for a pen of P&C Faithfull heifers.

The strong interaction for the live export market, created a sale average for 545 heifers, of $645.


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