Euroa: softer but seasonally satisfactory

Euroa weaners remain a cut above flagging national prices


Euroa demand was softer but satisfactory given the conditions

Goulburn, Murray and Northeast restockers and regular commission orders underpinned the Euroa demand.

Goulburn, Murray and Northeast restockers and regular commission orders underpinned the Euroa demand.

Euroa combined agents report good demand and a total clearance for 900 store cattle at its monthly sale on Wednesday March 6.

James Cleeland, Rodwells said Goulburn, Murray and Northeast valleys restockers and regular commission orders were the strength to the demand in a market off the pace of the centre's month earlier sale.

"Demand was softer but satisfactory given the conditions" Mr Cleeland said.

"When we hear reports of the disappointment prices of less than $2/kg for young heifers in the north (northern NSW), our vendors are still managing good prices albeit a far cry from two to three years ago" he said.

Mr Cleeland said the yarding offered mostly quality, locally bred spring-drop Angus weaners.

A reasonable selection of older grown steers, aged 13 to 16 months, led the sale and predominantly made 260 to 275c/kg.

Steer weaners he said were sold to $820 a head. Weighed at 296kg, the best of these were offered by Verge Pastoral, Avenal while a second pen of Verge Pastoral steers, 273kg, made $740 a head.

Vendor, J&M Kelly, Kellybrook, Euroa sold 100 Angus steers, aged 6-7 months. The best 23 Kellybrook steers, 268kg, made $700, a second pen of 25, 261kg made $680 while a third yard of 28, 242kg, made $660.

A consignment of 60 Allanvale, Avenal, mixed sex weaners, Landfall-blood, drew plenty of interest. The tops of the Allanvale steers - 24 in the pen, 284kg, made $720 while a second yard of 37, 248kg, made $665 a head.

Burnt Creek, Locksley, sold 28 Amgus, 276kg, at $720 while a pen of 22, 238kg, at $650.

Gooram Springs, Gooram was another volume seller, clearing 20 Angus steers, 5-6 months, at $570 while a second pen of 17 made $540, and a third pen of 13 Black baldies, $530. 

Mr Cleeland said weaner steers were mostly sold between 260 and 285c/kg while heifer weaners, which met the weakest demand, made 200 to 225c/kg

The best of the heifer sales were made for Allanvale, 12 Angus, 290kg sold at $685 while a second pen of 28, 260kg, made $570.

WA & SE Dudley, Deniliquin, sold 35 Angus heifers, 8-9 months, 250kg, at $585.


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