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Sheep and wool growers descend on Loddon Valley field day


Good wool prices and strong demand for meat overcame the dry season to attract a good crowd to the 2019 Loddon Valley Stud Merino field day.


A strong wool market and good prices for meat saw a good crowd of sheep and wool growers attend the 2019 Loddon Valley Stud Merinos field day last Friday.

Thirteen studs presented at the Serpentine Recreation Reserve and a further five studs had on-property displays.

Association president Alan Harris, said there was a good crowd of interested Merino people who attended.

He said all sheep breeders had come through dry conditions and feeding stock was at the forefrosnt of everyone's minds.

Demand for rams this spring would depend on how the season developed, but wool and meat prices remained "very good".

Two studs exhibited at the field days for the first time - Tamaleuca Poll and Merino stud, Ouyen and Eildon Springs Poll Merino, Lexton.

Mr Harris said the additions were welcome and provided some more diversity of sheep from a wider area to attract more visitors to the field day.


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