Feeder intent rises at Kyneton

Intense feeder bidding jumps Kyneton prices by $50 a head




Feeder buyers bid strongly from the first pen at Kyneton


Feed buyers dominated a modest crowd at Kyneton jumping prices by about $50 a head on the centre's January feature weaner sale.

Dean Coxon, Elders, said good lines of feeder steers and heifers were offered in the 820-head yarding, with feedlot buyers JBS Australia, Peter Tuohey, Campbell Ross and a Gippsland bullock grass-fattener all keen for numbers.

Mr Coxon said that very dry conditions in the Kyneton district saw limited local buyer participation but the feedlot interest was solid on feeder weights and cattle to background for feedlot entry.

"Agents were very pleased with the result, and a “solid” sale was declared, given the current climate" he said.

Throughout the sale private buying from the local area, Leongatha, Bendigo, Ballarat, Sunbury, Pakenham, Balranald and Colbinabbin all claimed cattle, some of which were small, seasonally-affected lines trucked in for sale from outside the districts seeking a fresh start.

These were mostly consigned for the western areas of the Riverina, Mr Coxon.

An interesting feature of the sale according Mr Coxon was that all the main feeder buyers threw in their best price on the first pen of the day.

This was a yard of eight Angus steers, 525kg, sold at $1390 or 264c/kg for M Toman.

Mr Coxon said normally, the first pen would one of the hardest to sell as the buyers stand back and feel the vibes of the demand. But in this instance he said they were all eager to offer their best price on the first pen to express their intent.

Other steer lots sold by Elders included B Elliott six Angus, 502kg, sold $1330 or 264c/kg and P Newell -10 Angus, 367kg, sold $1000 or 272c/kg.

Landmark steer sales included: D&J Cameron, 11 Angus, 446kg, sold at $1300 or 291c/kg; Newham Livestock sold six Angus, 382kg,at $1060 or 277c/kg while R Cudlipp sold eight Angus, 389kg, $1050 or 269c/kg.

McGrath Rodwell steer sales included: Yanni & Notris P/L - 12 Angus, 457kg, sold at $1270 or 277c/kg, McKibbon Transports, sold 10 Angus steers, 433kg, at $1245 or 287c/kg while Breadalbane offered 19 Angus, 371kg, sold at $1055 or 284c/kg.

Heifer sales were mainly completed in a price range of 245- 265c/kg, with Bacchus Marsh processor, Westside Meats playing a lead role.

MR Harvey sold seven Angus heifers, 427kg, at $1110 or 259c/kg while I Marks sold 11 Angus, 379kg, at $970 or 255c/kg.

D&J Cameron sold nine Angus, 427kg, at $1040 or 243c/kg while R Cudlipp sold eight Angus, 364kg, at $900 or 247c/kg.

A pen of 35 Breadalbane Angus heifers, 335kg, made $837 a head or 249c/kg while Hunt Bros sold 12 Angus heifers, 300kg, at $750 or 250c/kg.

Significant sales of breeding cows saw Robinlea sell a yard of 31 x 32 mixed aged Angus, with young calves at foot, make $1140 while D Ryan sold 3 x 3 Angus outfits at $1560.


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